The Straight #Poop on the #iPad 2: A Magical & Revolutionary Device

randomlychad  —  September 8, 2011 — 6 Comments

The iPad2 is truly a magical and revolutionary device. Truly!

It has revolutionized my health! How, you ask?

Well, since joining the low carb craze this past February, and being a middle aged man, my doctor asked me to keep a periodic record of my stool.*

Yes, you read that right: stool.

And what’s better than the throne-surfing champ, the iPad2? It’s got cameras for maintaining those crucial records of my bowl art!

And did you know (I did not) that there is an official stool scale? Oh, yes! I present the:

Bristol Stool Scale

(image credit: Wikipedia)

So, yes, in keeping with Apple’s customer-centric philosophy and user-interface metrics, the iPad–with its high–res photos–makes it dead simple to compare my samples to the above chart.

Yet another way, ladies and gentlemen, that the iPad is “magical and revolutionary” device.

In other words, there is indeed an app for that crap! 😉

What novel uses have you
put your iDevice/tablet/smart phone to?

*Ok, not really; I had a ridiculous idea, and ran with it. I don’t take pictures of poop. What kind of guy do you think I am?




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