Already Broken

randomlychad  —  September 22, 2011 — 6 Comments
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More, Lord?

I mean, I know we’re not dying and all.

But it’s been a hard week–a hard couple of weeks.

You know that Offspring #1 had mono, right? That he missed a week of school?

And now Lisa feels like she’s living under a perpetual cruciatus curse.

This, on top of:

Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, disc problems in her neck.

Yet, somehow, until now, she has pressed through.

But, God, sometimes I wonder just what You’re up to?

You never tell me–saying that Your grace is sufficient.

And now? Now? Offspring #1 develops chest pain that doesn’t respond to rest or anti-inflammatories?

I repeat my question: what are You up to?

(And the coup de grace: I bet it was You behind the TV breaking again, wasn’t it?)

I know, like Job, I should trust Your sovereignty, but sometimes I just wonder…

You know, I haven’t complained about the sleep apnea, the seeming sinus infection, or the constantly feeling run down…

I just want some relief.

Sometimes I want You to take Your finger off of me. To leave me alone.

But I know better:

None else has the words of life. There are none who would shelter me that would not shelter You. If I flee, You are there–even the darkness is as light to You.

It’s just that with everything going on, with my wife and son afflicted–in short, with the demands of life:

I’m already broken.

Yet You’re breaking me still.


How has the Lord helped you through the hard times in your life? How is He breaking you?




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