Wednesday Haterade: Super Mega Draught of Doom Edition

randomlychad  —  August 3, 2011 — 8 Comments
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Goodmornoonevening, everyone! Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Haterade. With all the folks lining up awaiting my special brand of “hate” I could go for a solid month–or more–and write nothing else! Truth!

But could y’all handle it? More importantly, could I keep it, you know, fresh? (Sure, just like the city morgue (“you stab ’em, we slab ’em”), there’s plenty of raw material. 😉 But would you get tired of me?

Which is why, instead of even doing a weeklong series (“Hate Week”–which I suppose could still happen), I bring you:

Wednesday Haterade: Super Mega Draught of Doom Edition!

Sit down, tuck in, and drink up, people!

First up, is a lovely lady who hails from the frozen tundra of upper Canuckistan. Who am I taking about? Michelle Woodman, the proprietess of This Time Around. She scribes therein her life’s journey “this time around.”

Well, guess what, Michelle, this time around is all you get! Seriously–then you get chopped like the “wood(s)man” of your surname. 😉

But you know this. And what I really “hate” is how gracious, beautiful, and poised your prose is. For reals. And, dear reader, if you “hate” Michelle, too, by all means go and check out her blog. But you only get This Time Around to do it! So what are you waiting for?

Next up, is a dear (online) friend of mine, Larry, the Dou… er, Deuce. Yeah, that’s right, it’s “Deuce.” (Larry–Larry Carter–is the “Deuce,” because his dad is Larry the first, or “Ace”). The man seems to be a born encourager! And he seems to really like me. Not only that, he genuinely looks forward to his weekly draught of Wednesday Haterade. And he told me so! I really “hate” that! The pressure!

Seriously, you should check out his blog, Deuceology, where he blogs about life, faith, and sports. Not necessarily in that order. (But mostly about sports. Okay, not really–I kid. His Thursday “Tweet Posts” are the cat’s pajamas!).

Next up is everyone’s favorite donut-loving soul, The Motorcop. Sorry, folks–I know–that joke was really stale. 😉 Anyway, nobody knows who this helping-wearing, mirrored-shade-sporting motorcycle jockey is. But he’s a cop–and he will give you a ticket. (In fact, I don’t even know if it’s, you know, safe to “hate” him here–what with the “Brotherhood” being what it is and all). Anyway, you wouldn’t know it from his profession, but the man knows how to bring the funny. Don’t think a cop can be funny? Look here.

Oh, lest I forget: don’t bother looking for MotorCop–MotorCop will find you. You can count on it.

Next up… Well, wait. At this point, I’m contractually obligated to point out that I “hate” the fact that Tyler Tarver has yet to submit any copy to me for the guest post I’m running–tomorrow! What’s up with that, Tyler? Dude, I’m helping you promote your cleverly titled book, Words and Sentences. Think of it, people! A book full of, well, words… and sentences! Well, no doh! (And hurry up with that copy, man–wanna get your post scheduled).

Last, but not certainly not least in the ides of my ire, and well-deserving of my virtual vitriol, is Justin Monsewicz. I met Justin on