P*ssy, Douche/Bag, & An Inherent Disregard for Women

randomlychad  —  August 8, 2011 — 16 Comments
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Folks, I’ve been trying to work something out in my head for sometime now, but can’t quite place my finger on it (the issue–not my head).

This notion, abortive though it may be, is simply that I think the way language (at the very least, English) is often used shows an implicit disregard for women.

Here’s what I mean (and forgive me if this sounds vulgar): when someone calls a guy a “p*ssy,” what’s really being said? “You’re no better than a woman.” “You’re as weak as a woman.” As if it’s somehow bad to be a woman. As if women are somehow inherently weaker (oh, generally speaking, they may be physically smaller, but this does not necessarily equate to being “weaker”).

Let me give you another example, which stems from everyone’s favorite epithet du jour, “douche/bag.” Let’s think about this for a moment, shall we? When we call someone a douche, or douchebag, what are we saying? I mean logically, how can a person literally act like a douche? This, as is p*ssy, is a metaphorical insult. At its heart, it not only means that it’s somehow inherently bad to have a p*ssy, but that which emanates from there is somehow bad as well. (Which, if it’s the case, makes it all the more confusing that we men should expend so much time, effort, and energy to “get p*ssy”).

Last time I checked, all of us have mothers, and a great number of us (men) have wives. Are our mothers somehow weak, or our wives? After giving birth to us, and (perhaps) our children? There’s a great strength there that men do not possess. A certain endurance. Last time I checked, nary a man has ever given birth (yes, I say that tongue -in-cheek)–because our strengths lie elsewhere.

We–men and women–are designed to complement, and complete–one another. God created us–both genders–in His likeness, because neither could adequately reflect His image on their own (and we have enough trouble as it is).

I think it’s simply the case of women’s strengths being–because they’re different– misinterpreted (by men) as weaknesses. Which they most definitely are not.

I’m no expert, but at its heart, I think the culture of objectification –as much as it is insulting to women–is an affront to God. When we use the words “p*ssy,” and “douche/bag,” we’re saying something about the source and wellspring of life as we know it. We’re saying something, ultimately, about God.

My wife is always after me about my casual use of language, that I should be more cautious, more considerate.

I agree.

I think we need to rethink these things.

What do you think?




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