Around The Blogosphere: Why I “Hate” @JBEmerson

randomlychad  —  August 4, 2011 — 2 Comments

So if you made it around the blogosphere at all this week, you’d know that I won a contest put on by @JBEmerson on his blog, The Whole Dang Thing. (What is “the whole dang thing, you ask?” The Bible, of course. Ben is blogging his way through the Bible–chapter-by-chapter, line-upon-line, verse-upon-verse, here a little, there a little. You should check it out!).

What did I win? A whole dang heapin’ helpin’ o’ hate, that’s what!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, he came at me spittin’ my game! And what galls me, what I really “hate!,” is that he was pretty dang good at it, too! The nerve!

So, Ben, today this glass of Haterade is for you, man! Drink up!

I absolutely “hate” the brilliant creativity Ben displays in his post on Genesis 49, Famous Last Tweets. (Imagine if Jacob was only able to communicate via Twitter when giving his parting advice? Yeah, this is that. Anymore, and I’d spoil it for you).

And then there’s this one, where he addresses a certain “phallacy.” That’s all I’m gonna say on that, folks. That, and circumcise your hearts, ok? 😉 One last bit of advice here: never eat the Calamari at a bris.

Along those same lines is the one about Shechem, Dinah, and some “junky” relational dynamics. Also, I don’t know any dudes who can read this chapter of the Bible without wincing! (I’m sure you can see why I “hate” Ben so much–if just on the merits of this post alone).

What say you, members of the jury? I’ve given you ample evidence, put forth my best case here, but what I want to know is: do you “hate” Ben, too? And if so, why? Share in the comments.

(Note: the coolest thing about our online love-hate relationship is that Ben will be cooling (ha!) his heels in the Phoenix area this weekend, and we may have a chance to meet, like, for reals. How cool is that?).




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