A Sharideth Smith Guest Post: Pastor Wars

randomlychad  —  August 9, 2011 — 10 Comments

So, Sharideth Smith and I are riding together (along with a whole host of other awesome bloggers) on Bryan Allain’s BlogRocket. She’s guest posting for me here today, and I’m laying some smack down on the ladies over in her crib (hey, turnabout’s fair play, right?). On a related note, in an unfortunate bit–albeit MotorCop approved–of Internet double-parking, I’m also guest posting for Alise Wright. So, please go over there and check out my bearing of soul.

Anyway, with her scintillating snark, and absolutely deadpan sense of of humor, here’s the “Wednesday Addams” of Christian blogging, Sharideth Smith:

'MMA fight' photo (c) 2009, Peter Gordon - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

so the pastor wars are on. maybe not directly between the rock star super shepherds, but battle lines have been drawn among the fans.


yes. fans.

if you would get an autograph from or a picture with (insert favorite christian icon here), you’re a fan. pastors have become untouchable celebrities. which i could get into, but frankly, that’s a whole other blog. right now, i’m more interested in the fallout it’s created.

'Mark driscoll' photo (c) 2010, kevin - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ let’s take Mark Driscoll for instance. oh em gee, have people gone batshit crazy over his Facebook comments, or what? the Open Letters are hitting record numbers. however, i’m sure Rob Bell is grateful to have the heat off him for a bit.

'Rob Bell' photo (c) 2007, Matt Spiel - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

but here’s my question…what’s the point? most of those who are calling out @pastormark are the same ones who were willing to fall on their sword for @realrobbell. and vice versa respectively. both sides crying “where’s the grace?!?” when their chosen hero is attacked.

now that is a good question. where is the grace? or more to the point…what’s it actually being spent on?

i have to wonder what our faith would look like, to ourselves and to others, if we spent as much time offering grace and compassion to those we can actually put our hands on as we do calling out pastors with whom we have absolutely no relationship and/or influence.

do people really think Mark Driscoll did not understand what he said on Facebook? he’s not stupid and he is fully aware of his stage. but do people really believe if he felt like it was that okay to make fun of effeminate worship pastors, that their cries of “bully!” are going to fundamentally change who Mark Driscoll is?

no. it won’t.

i’ve been totally guilty of this. my high horse looks more like an evil My Little Pony. there was a time when i wanted Kenneth Copeland’s head on platter and thought Bob Larson was the leading authority on biblical interpretation.

oh yes. i just admitted that out loud.

generating that much enthusiasm for both loathing and adoration is exhausting.

so here’s the thing…put away your Mercy Me record (Mark fans) and put away your Rage Against the Machine records (Rob fans) and go find something to do with your time that actually helps someone. i know it’s a ball to be passive aggressive and shitty on the internet, but why don’t we all drop the shouts and fist shaking and find someone who is in our sphere of influence to love on?

there’s only so much emotional energy to go around. i think we could find better ways to spend it.

what say you?

You can follow Sharideth on Twitter @sharideth; her blog is A Woman’s Guide to Women: a Blog for Men. She is a Christ-follower, wife to Craig (he of the awesome beard), homeschooling mom to two precocious youngsters, and lives in NashVegas.




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