What Does God Value?

randomlychad  —  July 18, 2011 — 4 Comments

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1) What’s valuable to God?
2) What do I value?

Are these two the same?

The Parable of the Lost Sheep, in Luke 15, is a story about pursuing something lost. In this case, a sheep–which the Lord seems to use altogether too uncomfortably often as a stand-in for people (sheep are stupid).

This parable also seems to run entirely counter to our cultural logic of “the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few, or the one” (thank-you, Mr. Spock, most human of souls). God is down with the “one.” And the values of His kingdom are upside-down ones.

Jesus loves the found, but He longs for the missing. He is near to the shunned, the maligned, the misunderstood, the broken.

Wouldn’t I–shouldn’t I–pursue that which is lost as well? That’s what grace would do, right? Seek the lost. Despite the seeming illogic of it.

This parable is, as a microcosm of the Gospel, a story of recovery:

It’s the story of what God Himself did in sending His Son: He came to seek and to save that which was lost. He came to recover His beloved. He came for us.

He is near to us. Always yearning, longing, for us. Are we near to Him? He pursues, but do we want to be found?

We too easily forget just how much Jesus values us, forget the the altogether too high price He paid for our redemption.

It was you–it was me–who nailed Him to Calvary’s tree. Romans 5:8 tells us that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Put another way: He risked, He died in advanced, He staked His faith in us.

How can we not put ours in Him? How?

Life will throw us curveballs, but never give up on the search–because He never stops looking for you. He never stops looking for me.

Be the one. Be found. Be a “finder.”

What do you think? How much value do you put in the “lost sheep?”




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