Wednesday Haterade, Friday Edition: Why I “Hate” @michaeldperkins

randomlychad  —  July 15, 2011 — 15 Comments

I know what you’re thinking: it’s Friday. Why is he running a Wednesday Haterade piece on a Friday? I mean that’s like doing a Twitter #FollowFriday (hereinafter, “#FF”–no cracks from the peanut gallery) on a Thursday. It.Does.Not.Compute.

I get you, I really do.


Here’s the deal:

I recently became acquainted with Michael Perkins online. And when I say recently, I mean, like, this week. Literally.

I mean I’m sure I’d seen his name around the blogosphere before, as we haunt frequent many of the same blogs. Anywho…

Out of the blue, he contacts me, asking if he can redesign my blog. Gratis. (Side note: please don’t ask him to do any pro bono work, ’cause that would be douchey. He sought me out. He’s trying to build his portfolio right now. And I am the blessed recipient of his time, talent, and skill).

Since momma didn’t raise no dummies, I jumped at the chance!

And so, because of this kickin’ new uber-cool design that RandomlyChad is sportin’, I thought I’d send a little “hate” Michael’s way.

Without further ado:

The six four reasons I “hate” Michael Perkins:

1) The man understands the value of free, and as such picked bloggers–such as myself–to do redesigns. He’s not only honing his web design skills, but also building a portfolio. It’s really a win-win. Surely this is deserving of at least a little “hate,” right? No? Read on:

2) Thomas Nelson gave him a copy of Ian Morgan Cron’s well-regarded memoir, Jesus, My Father, the CIA, & Me, to give away. Requirements to win: tweet about the giveaway, leave a comment, and you’re entered. Michael used Random.Org to select his winner. And like Jim Carrey, as Fletcher Reede, in Liar, Liar said: “It was me.” That’s right: I won.

Michael, I “hate” you for adding to my voluminous stack of books “to be read.” 😉 And as if that’s not enough:

3) Michael is a pastor. And in the midst of helping people connect with God at Natchitoches Church of the Nazarene, (I believe that’s pronounced “nacho toe cheese,” which if true, is really gross) he manages to do some husbanding, dadding, and blogging as well. In fact, he’s celebrating his two-year blogging anniversary today. Yet another reason to “hate” him, right? No? Read on:

4) To supplement his pastoral salary, Michael recently launched a one-man web design firm, Epic Elephant. Talk about hustle! The man was up into the wee hours working on my blog! Crazy! But I guess you have to be a little crazy to hang around me (even virtually).

Anyway, if you’re wondering about the elephant in the (chat) room–it’s Michael! I kid, I kid! He’s a design giant as far as I’m concerned. Because of him, I’m going to get more traffic, have less bounce (blogging is so unlike hair in this regard), and thus will have to (yet again) step up my game! So I “hate” him.

(Ok, so not really. Michael’s pretty darn cool!)

But how about you? Tell me how you “hate” Michael Perkins.




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