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randomlychad  —  July 22, 2011 — 2 Comments
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Folks, I was up very late last night, started the day behind the eightball, and have been gunning since.

Rather than doing a post of my own, I thought I’d share some of the posts that have meant the most this past week:

1) Jennifer Luitwieler featured a great guest post from Pam Hogeweide on gender identity in the church.

2) Shawn Smucker did a thoughtful piece on the demise of Border’s, and the changing landscape of the publishing biz. I don’t want to spoil it, but he admits to being a book-sniffer! (I do that, too).

3) Alise Wright ran for the flies this week, and it was good.

4) Tamara Lunardo was frankly frank about her online frankness over on her friend, Joy’s, blog. Strangely enough, her husband’s name is Bryan–not Frank. 😉

5) The most fun I had this week crafting a post is the one where I shared the 6 Reasons Why I “Hate” @jonacuff. (Plus I’m giving away a copy of his book, Quitter). Thanks, Jon, for being down with the hate!

6) My least read post was yesterday’s, “Such A Hassle. Come check it out.

While I still have your attention, could you do me a favor? Could you please pray for my blogging friend, Matt Cannon? Matt’s in a tough season right now. Thanks so much!

So those are some of my favorites from this past week; what are some of yours? (Even if they’re your own). Thanks for sharing!




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