Dear @pastormark: I Am One

randomlychad  —  July 13, 2011 — 6 Comments

I wasn’t going to comment on this. I really wasn’t. It being Wednesday–my day for mock “hate.”

But then I read Alise Wright’s insightful post on Why I Wrote A Letter To Mark Driscoll, and I remembered.

Alise writes of her son, and I remember being that kid. The one who, unlike his dad, wasn’t really any good at sports.

The one who would rather stay indoors to read, and dream.

The one who was called “gay” in junior high because he, unlike his dad, was awkward and shy around girls.

The one who didn’t have hair one on his chest when he married at age twenty-one.

Just because I was shy and awkward, doesn’t mean I’m any less masculine than the next guy. And although I’m officially on record as a hater of open letters, I couldn’t let this slide.

I have been bullied, slurred, and beaten for things that were not true of me.

And on my behalf, and those likewise treated, I say to you, Mark Driscoll, in the Name of Jesus:

Knock it the hell off!

Our God is not a God Who perpetuates stereotypes. Shame on you, as a minister of the Gospel, for dealing in such base tropes.

I could go on.

Were you ever bullied? How did you cope? Did you have parents, friends, family, that helped you through?




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