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Today has been a lazy, hang-out-with-the-family kind of day. It’s been restful, relaxing, rewarding to enjoy some repose together.

As I reflect back upon the previous week, here are some posts that brought a measure of rest to my soul:

Hands down the funniest reflection on Genesis (do “funny” and “Genesis” normally come together in your mind? Nevertheless…) I’ve ever read was Ben Emerson’s take on Genesis 49: Famous Last Tweets. Imagine Jacob tweeting his last words to his numerous, numerous spawn, and you’ll just scratch the surface of just how good this post is.

The best blogging advice of the week I read was Jeff Goins’s piece on The Overlooked Secret to Influencing People. His secret sauce? Just ask. That’s it. As easy, and as hard, as that.

The best series on writing goes to author Rachel Held Evans, who spent a whole week dishing on the trade, and craft, of writing.

Best series on parenting goes to Adam McHugh, who turned his blog over to guest posts by introverted parents (of which I was honored to be one).

The post I had the most fun writing this week was Speed Bumps on the ‘Roamins’ Road.

What did you read, or write, this past week that moved, touched, or refreshed you?




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