6 Reasons Why I “Hate” @JamieTheVWM

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Hello! Welcome to another edition of Wednesday “haterade,” where today’s victim is none other than Jamie Wright, who you know as “the very worst missionary.”

So, let’s get started; here’s why I “hate” this self-avowed very worst missionary:

1) She and her husband, El Chupacabra, are frakkin missionaries! That’s right–they had the courage to uproot their family from their comfortable NorCal life and follow God’s call to Costa Rica! Not everyone could do that. Mad props to them! And if that’s not worthy of some “hate,” I don’t know what is.

2) She’s unflinchingly unafraid to be herself by not trying too hard to be anyone else. Honestly, people like this intimidate me–because they know who they are, and aren’t afraid to bloom where God plants them. Surely, you can agree that this is deserving of at least a little of your “hate,” right? 😉

3) She knows her limitations, and isn’t afraid to, well, tell her husband off! I mean the nerve! Knowing that her life–as a wife, mom to three boys, missionary, writer–is full, and that another child doesn’t fit into the mix right now… Isn’t she supposed to follow that whole Ephesians 5 thing regarding wives and husbands? 😉

4) She has the audacity to call us out for playing the Only Human card when we screw up! I mean, come on, who does she think she is? Mother Theresa? Calling us to have greater love and compassion for our fellow man! I mean that’s pretty ballsy, you know? Expecting me–and you–as Christians to love like Jesus loved. Like it says in the Bible. But, you say, I’m only human…

5) Her work is a locus, a Centerpiece, of community. I mean people are drawn into her story, can identify with her, because she’s so unflinchingly real. And who doesn’t want to belong, to be a part of a community? There’s power in shared story. Jamie knows this, and isn’t afraid to share hers. Which almost compels us to share ours. And I “hate” being compelled to do anything–you hear that, Mrs. VWM? 😉

6) Almost unbelievably, the VWM is as completely unafraid to call herself out for her own hypocrisy as she is the rest of Christendom. What gives? Who’s that real? Who’s just plain gutsy enough to rip asunder the splashy veneer of their own carefully constructed persona to deconstruct themselves for the entire Internet to see? Jamie Wright is, that’s who. And it’s yet another reason that I “hate” her. Blogging like that takes guts.

I hope you can see just why I “hate” @JamieTheVWM so much, and will join me in sharing the haterade today.

Thanks for reading! Peace out.

(Note: as before, “hate” is used to mean just about exactly the opposite of its textbook definition. Indeed, I’m featuring Jamie today because I admire her authenticity, and strive for it in my own life and writing).

So, how about you? What do you “hate” about the VWM? Share away!




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