Chad, the Cussing Hypocrite

randomlychad  —  May 16, 2011 — 3 Comments

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Back many moons ago, I used to cuss like a sailor, but then I found Jesus (or He found me–still kinda confused on that), and didn’t feel like it anymore.

Only that’s not true: I may not speak them aloud, but I still “hear”/”speak” them in my head. Which I suppose makes me a hypocrite.

A huge, honkin’ hypocrite, right?

It is a truth so axiomatic that it’s almost not worth mentioning, but… I’m gonna go there:

My experience is that when someone first gets “saved” there is a distinct period of profound, grating self-righteousness. There’s a certain safety in legalism.

In my example, I was delivered (or so I thought) from cussing (which Christians don’t even universally agree is sin)–so it would really hack me off when someone in my life would let fly the epithets.

I couldn’t even see past the log of my anger to help with the speck in my brother (or sister’s) eye if I wanted to!

Not to mention that I wasn’t taking into account the big question: Why is so-and-so “cussing?” What’s the heart behind it, why are they upset, or hurting–what’s the motivation?

Yes, actions are important, and have consequences, but the heart behind them even more so. Which I failed to consider.

What a flaming hypocrite!

And now? I still use “swears” in my head from time-to-time–all of which Jesus, of course, “hears.” But do I speak them aloud? No, because then you would catch me: rat-trapped in my own hypocrisy.

O, wretched man am I!

Thankfully, God remembers my frame, that I am but dust, and has covered me in the blood of Jesus.

How about you? Do you cuss in your head, or let it loose from your lips?




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