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I have used this blog to share issues near and dear to my heart. It’s my blog, so I get to do that. Knowing all the while that it’s really not about me, that I’m not the star of the movie, but Jesus is.

Jesus said to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and that when we help the less fortunate, we are actually helping him. I’m not sure how that all works out, just that it’s so because Jesus said.

Today, I would like to use such platform as I have to do just that: help a family in need.

Dave and Casi Howell are friends of mine. Dave is a very gifted musician and vocalist, but had to lay that dream aside as his family grew in size (he and Casi are parents to seven wonderful children, ranging in age from 13-1). They fell on hard times a couple of years ago when his company downsized. He went through a series of contract jobs, but those dried up as well. Eventually, Dave found himself delivering flowers part time here in the Phoenix area.

All the while, I never heard them complain. Sure, they asked for prayer, and folks stepped up as they felt lead to do so.

All the while, they’ve stayed involved in their local fellowship, where Dave gets to use his musical gifts as part of the worship team.

Somehow–just barely–they’ve gotten by. But not anymore. You see, for sometime, they’ve felt lead to return to New York (where Dave is originally from) to join a church plant there (a Vineyard fellowship). It’s something that’s truly been on their hearts for years.

After much prayer, seeking wise counsel, and despite their circumstances, they’re taken that step faith to be obedient to the call they feel God has laid on their hearts.

In fact, Dave is back east now, interviewing, making contacts, getting callbacks, but nothing has materialized yet. Meanwhile, Casi is here in Phoenix with the kids.

What savings they had has run out.

This is where I hope you’ll come in. Rent is due tomorrow. Any small amount will help.

Will you consider giving a gift to the Howells? Be His hands and feet to a hurting family? (Even if you can’t right now, I know Dave and Casi appreciate your prayers, because–as Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote–“more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of”).

For anyone wishing to do so, Dave can be contacted, and PayPal gifts can be given, at Dave Howell. If you would like a phone number, or know of an employment opportunity, please use the “Contact Me” link in sidebar above on the right.

Thanks so much for reading, praying, and giving!

God bless you,





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