>"The Waiting Game"

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Life is a waiting room. Who hasn’t spent time in a waiting room? We wait to see the doctor, we wait for word about a loved one, we wait… A lot of life is spent waiting. We wait in traffic. We wait…

That we wait, we can’t help; how we wait, we certainly can. We can take life as it comes, waiting for the grave, or we can choose to live intentionally.

Even in the doctor’s office there are ways to redeem–not pass–the time: we can be reading our Bibles, a book, doing crosswords, or even writing blog posts. We can be active in our waiting. The crux of it is Who we are doing it for. What is the purpose, Who is at the center, of our lives? Is it God, or ourselves?

Honestly, I don’t like to wait; I look for: the shortest lines at the grocery (or go through self-check), the shortest lines at the theater snackbar, etc. I’ve got better things to do, right? But I’ve got to wonder if the Lord is trying to teach me something through these moments? I hope so, because He certainly gives me many in which I must exercise patience. It never fails, I mean He knows I hate to miss any of a movie, but two things happen: my wife will ask for something during the show; and I will venture forth, inevitably picking what appears to be the shortest line. The one with the longest wait. I’m resigned to it now. It is my lot.

That’s passive waiting. But wait, you say, isn’t waiting inherently passive? Not necessarily. Have you ever eaten out? What are the folks called who take our orders, and serve our food? Waiters and waitresses. They wait on us. In between helping us, they are helping other people. In my estimation, there is very little that’s passive about being a waiter or waitress. It’s a very active job.

It’s in this sense that the Scriptures tell us, in Isaiah 40:31, that:

“they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

A cursory word study shows that the Hebrew word for wait means to “tarry, to wait for, on, or upon” the Lord. Like a waiter, or waitress, we are to be about the business of actively serving Him. Yes, there is a time for sabbath, for rest, but we are to occupy until He returns.

Come join me in The Waiting Game. It’s the adventure of a lifetime.

(I call it “The Waiting Game” because what, in this life, is more fun than walking with, and waiting on, the living God?)




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