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In the morning, I need my coffee. Sometimes (not often–ask my wife), I remember to put on a pot the night before (automatic timers are a wonderful thing!); otherwise, if I’m dashing out the door to get my son to school on time, I will stop on the way to work to get some. Must. Have. Coffee.

In this way, it is a crutch to me: I need it to get by, to get me through. I depend on it (as I’m sure a great number of you do as well).

Likewise, I have some crutches that help me navigate my faith (weak though it may be); among these are:

I believe the Earth is old. That’s right, I’m an “old earth creationist.” Bingo! You’ve got me. I have my reasons for believing thus–including the observable universe. What I mean is that light takes a certain amount of time to reach the earth (its speed being a constant), and thus the deeper into space we look, the further back into time we go. The notion that God created the light already in motion seems ludicrous to me.

God spoke, and Bang!, the universe happened. And thus everything else in it began as well.

In reading Genesis, I note distinct phases in the order of creation–first the animals, then man. What the Scriptures don’t tell us is when, in eternity past, Satan and his angels fell. There are clues elsewhere in the Bible that speak of Lucifer, the heavenly choir director, and the “anointed cherub that covereth in the garden of God.”

We know it was his pride that led to his fall, and of the five “I wills,” but when did this fall happen?

I believe it was before the creation of man, before the creation of the animals; in fact, perhaps it was indeed in the “gap” that some speak of existing between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2? I don’t know, but it makes a certain sense to me.

If this is a crutch, so be it. It helps me make sense of the world I can see–and the one I can’t.

Another issue that comes to mind is the account of the naming of the animals–the Scriptures tell us that God paraded the animals in front of Adam, and that he (Adam) named them. With the vast number of animals in the world, I have trouble believing this naming took place in a single “day.”

If you think I’m writing of “day-age,” or progressive creationism, you would be right. Bingo! You got me again.

Sometimes I wish I could just take the account at face value, and believe that the days of Genesis were just days as we know them now, but my conscience won’t allow it. It feels disingenuous.

Allow me to explain:

Almost everyone believes dinosaurs existed, right? And something happened to them before man arrived on the seen, right? Else where did our fossil fuels come from?

Although He could have spoken everything completely into existence all at once–fully formed and functioning–I see God as a master craftsman–an artist–taking His sweet time with His creation.

In this way, the Genesis account–seen as an act of recreation–wonderfully mirrors the work of sanctification in our hearts. We are not born Christians, but natural men (and women), and must be remade in His likeness.

I see that sort of parallelism all throughout Scripture. I can’t be the only one.

If that’s a crutch, then so be it–it gets me through.

These are but some of the crutches I need, how about you?




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