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The offer was tempting–free CDs. Good music, too. We had talked about it before, but never acted on it. Guess we felt it was time, or something. Certainly our kids needed a horizon-expanding… Who am I kidding? We needed it perhaps more than they did. I mean head-to-the-ground-just-getting-by-in-life wasn’t cutting it anymore. Not to say that we aren’t blessed–we are, extremely so. Blessed to a part of the American middle class. And here is the rest of it

We have a home, cars, dogs, and three squares a day. Which is so much more than most of the people in the world. So much more than the little boy with the sad eyes in the photo. He lives in a hut with a thatched roof and dirt floors. My son brought him to our attention.

His name is Mukundi, and he likes football (soccer). He lives in Africa. He didn’t choose to be born in a poverty-stricken, AIDS-infested country, but he was.

The free CDs tempted us, but his eyes captured our hearts. You know of what I write: child sponsorship via Compassion International. I’m not telling you this today because I want you to think well of me, or my family, but rather because I believe so strongly in the work Compassion does. Because I want you to join me, and sponsor a child of your own.

Yes, it’s a financial commitment, but it’s money you’ll never miss. Trust me on this.

Although sometimes you may wonder if it’s worth it, because honestly it is challenging to maintain a correspondence with a young child in another country (who doesn’t speak your language). But it will be worth it. You are investing not only in your child’s here-and-now, but also in his (or her) eternity.

God knows–He sees. He is close to the fatherless, the widows, the least of these.

What are you waiting for?




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