>A Personal Burden: Please Pray For My Wife

randomlychad  —  February 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

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Today, I had planned a piece on the silly things teen (and pre-teen) boys say. That may still happen, but on my heart is something much more personal in nature.

For those that read my ramblings, you know that, despite revealing things about myself, I try to make a distinction between “Chad, the writer (or blogger)” and “Chad, the person.” I do this to respect the privacy of those in my life, and to keep the focus on the words. Though I often write about me it’s not really about me: it’s about the words. About the work. Maybe this hinders my readership, but that’s ok: I’d rather have a small, dedicated following consisting of those who care. (But more comments wouldn’t hurt. Just sayin’).

Having said that, I’m going to break one of my rules, and ask for your prayers for my wife, Lisa. I ask because measurable masses have been detected on her Thyroid. Though she doesn’t talk about it much–indeed, seems to keep it under wraps–as her husband of over twenty years, I know she is very burdened. As am I.

Here’s the rub: her complaints to the doctor over the past year, or so, regarding a sore throat have been pretty much blown off as “just your allergies.” But this, coupled with extreme fatigue–and diabetes–led her to an endocrinologist, who found the “masses.” (I would like to rant here about the penchant of modern medicine being merely the treatment of symptoms, rather than the finding of causes, but will refrain).

Here’s where we are at: masses+sore throat+fatigue=? We don’t know where this road goes–but are certainly frightened by its implications. While we absolutely believe God can–and does–directly, divinely heal, our experience has been that healing usually comes as a process. One which He uses to teach us things, convict us, draw us closer to Him. My prayer is for all of those things–and for healing.

I’ve avoided–like an elephant in the room–the word thus far, but cancer is a road we’d rather not walk. Who, if they had the choice, would?

Maybe this much ado about nothing, but the symptoms tell us differently. In any case, her biopsy is scheduled for March first. If you are a praying person, please remember Lisa in them both now, and then.

Thank-you for your time, attention, and prayers.

May God richly bless you,





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