>"Pagan" Sundays

randomlychad  —  January 2, 2011 — 1 Comment

>For sometime now, my family and I have been attending Saturday evening services. The reason for this is simply that my son is now in 7th grade, and our church–due to it’s size–only offers a junior high service on Saturday evenings. So, although it’s not what we’re accustomed to, that’s where we are every week. On the one hand, this has proved to be a blessing, because we’ve made some good friends along the way–folks that could very well be lifelong friends.

On the other hand, while Saturdays are great because of the fellowship–though sometimes we’re late–Sundays are a little strange to me. We don’t have anywhere to be. Things feel a little out of synch; in fact, I would say that going to Saturday night service is the Evangelical equivalent of working graveyard. While the rest of the world is at church on a Sunday morning, we’re home; while they’re worshipping, we could be at the movies. There’s no mad rush to beat the Baptists to the restaurant: we’re done and gone before they even get out of service. It’s just little off-kilter for me. I feel maybe a little guilty. I feel a little “pagan.”

Honestly, all we’ve done is swap one day of rest for another, but for me it’s like Captain Kirk caught in the Tholian web: things are a little out of phase. Maybe it’s because Saturdays aren’t restful, but full of activity? There’s always so much to do before we get to church on Saturday nights. I don’t know.

How do you feel? What’s your busiest day of the week? When do you attend service? Do you ever feel like a “pagan?”




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