>Keep It Weird, 2011!

randomlychad  —  January 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

>Baby Rabahphoto © 2005 Badr Naseem | more info (via: Wylio)

Yesterday, I got a call I never could’ve imagined. I’m sitting at my desk, working quietly, and my phone–being on silent–does its little desk dance. Glancing at the number, I think it’s one of my friends. How wrong I was.

“Hello,” I say.

A voice replies in Español muy rapido “¿Dónde está el bebé hombre estúpido?” Or words to that effect–my Spanish isn’t that good, and I couldn’t really understand her. (Maybe she said “¡Sé que estás en el baño, le porcina!”).

“I think you’ve got the wrong number, ma’am.”


“Seriously, who is this?”

“Very funny! Where’s the baby, José?” WHAT?

In that moment, since I couldn’t think of anything to say to an already irate woman (who apparently can’t find her baby!), I did the only the thing a sensible man could: I hung up. Sorry, lady, but I’m not your man.

Whoever José is, man is he in a heap of trouble! I almost feel sorry for him. But, all kidding aside, I hope she found her baby. That would be a monumentally bad start to the new year otherwise.

And lest I forget, 2011, thanks for starting this way! Let’s keep it weird, shall we?

Had anything weird happen to you in the dawn of this new year? Share it in the comments.




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