>A Prayer for Underwear

randomlychad  —  January 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

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This happened some time ago. Don’t know exactly when, but it was before my daughter was born (she’s four). Anyway, for whatever reason–probably because I needed some–I asked God for underwear. I didn’t tell anybody else–not my wife, not my son, not anybody–but God. And no one overheard me, because everyone else in my house was asleep at the time. I went on with my day.

That night, when my wife came home from visiting her folks, she had a package of underwear! Apparently, she’d gotten them from her mom. Guess they were the wrong size for my father-in-law. Well, they were the wrong size for me, too!

I learned a couple of things: not only had God heard me, but He has a “wicked” sense of humor,too! Plus it taught me to be specific when praying for things. Have I always gotten what I’ve prayed for? No, but I’m not sure that’s entirely the point. I think the point is spending some time with Daddy–petitioning, confessing, talking, listening, sure–but mostly just hanging out in His presence. How cool is that?

Note: I fully realize the preceding proves nothing. It could all just be a tidy little coincidence: that the underwear had nothing to do with the prayer at all. But I know better. In fact, I think that’s a good place to start: by asking God to show you the confluence of those “just so happens” moments in your life. I think you’ll be surprised!

Being that it’s late, I’ll leave you with this: faith is a gift that is strengthened through conditioning. It must be exercised.




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