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> Greatest Hits of the 70'sphoto © 2009 mandiberg | more info (via: Wylio)

It’s the return of Random Thursday! And I’m celebrating by linking my greatest hits (so far). Plus there will be some link love for my friend, Bryan Allain, who just launched a new venture–BlogRocket–to help bloggers take it to the next level. Without further adieu, here are my greatest hits–presented in order from least, to most, read–(so far):

Jeffrey Dahmer Is In Heaven, But You May Not Make It

Our Perfectly Human Lord, or Did Jesus Poop?

Top 10 Christian Books As Written By Others

Christmas Is Coming, Right? But Let’s Not Forget Thanksgiving

“Textual Harassment”–An Interview With Blogger Bryan Allain, part 1

“Textual Harassment”–An Interview With Blogger Bryan Allain, part 2

How ‘Blue Like Jazz’ Saved Me

A Dad’s Dangerous Doodies

Jesus Doesn’t Support Gay Rights–He Supports Human Rights

As mentioned above, my friend Bryan Allain has just launched a new venture called BlogRocket. He wants to help bloggers reach the stars. If you want to kick the tires a bit, here’s a link to his The 29 eBook, where he lists the 29 most common frustrations shared by bloggers. He’s selling that book for $9.00–a bargain at twice the price if you ask me–but if you sign up for his mailing list, he’ll not only send you a sample containing 9 frustrations, but will also provide you a code good for $4.00 off the cost of the ebook. Making it no more costly than one of Subway’s $5 footlongs! How can you pass it up? If you’re a blogger, do yourself a favor: sign up for the mailing list, and buy the ebook. I am. You can thank me later. 😉




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