>I have a confession about LOST

randomlychad  —  December 4, 2010 — Leave a comment

>Dharma Initiative / Lostphoto © 2006 Piutus | more info (via: Wylio)

Earlier this year, as Lost was ending its six-year run, I watched the first five seasons via Netflix. When I discovered that the sixth season wasn’t available for streaming, and wouldn’t be available on DVD for some months, I torrented it. In my mind, because I’m a DirecTV subscriber, the content was already made freely available over the airwaves (had in fact come into my home whether I’d watched it or not), and had the DVR add-on, I figured I was in the clear. The Internet was like a giant DVR. ABC having already broadcast the show, wasn’t losing any money from me. While I had no qualms about downloading Lost‘s sixth season, in my mind this was something altogether different from torrenting a feature-film–something I would never do. What do you think? Is there a difference? Please let me know in the comments.




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