>5 Signs of a Backslidden Believer

randomlychad  —  December 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

>Lakes of firephoto © 2009 John Tracy | more info (via: Wylio)

>5 signs of a backslidden believer–in no particular order:

You engage in “devotional life multitasking,” combining your toilet time & Bible time. You squeeze God in while you’re squeezing one out. You tell yourself you’re “redeeming the time.”

Your prayer life consists of nothing more than praying for all those other #%$&! drivers out there during your morning commute–while simultaneously flashing them the “universal symbol of goodwill.”

You see the deep Christian significance in the Harry Potter series.

The 5th horseman is nothing more to you than a hot sauce. And Apocalypse is a kickin’ nightclub where they serve it on wings. (Don’t worry–I won’t tell anyone how you did in the “Lake of Fire” challenge, or that you–you know–actually went to a nightclub).

You actually listen to that antiChristian musical tripe put out by the undoubtedly talented Jay-Z. How could you, you heathen?

Those are just 5 signs of a backslidden believer. Can you think of any others? See you in the comments.




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