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randomlychad  —  November 12, 2010 — Leave a comment

>Hello! Welcome again to Freedom Friday, where it’s a safe place to be real. Things can be serious, or silly, around here, but I’m very much in earnest about “Freedom Friday.” My desire is to provide a forum free from judgment, thus any comments left will not be moderated. Share what’s on your heart, but let me start:
Oftentimes, my desire to get a laugh out of folks overrides my better judgment. I’ll go there, without thinking of the consequences. It’s really a great failing of mine that I want people I don’t even know to think of me as both funny and smart. Now, I may, or may not, be both of those things, but why does it matter? Why this need for affirmation? For approval? Let me ask you this: are you finding the acceptance you need? Are you a part of the community you hoped to be? And why can’t I get it settled in my heart that I’m accepted in the Beloved? “Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?” (Romans 7:24, ESV). Why, so often, do I feel like a monster:

Yesterday, Anne Jackson, posted This Saturday in Phoenix & A BIG Change Coming On Monday, regarding the final stop of her fall >Permission to Speak Freely book tour with Susan Isaacs and Solveig Leithaug. I have found much healing through Anne’s work, and will be at this event with my wife. According to Anne’s post, tickets are still available online, and at the door (the event is taking place at the Grove Church in Chandler). If you live in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend it. Many blessings to you! Update: tickets are no longer available online or via phone, but should be at the event tomorrow night.




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