>A Saturday List of Random Ridiculousness

randomlychad  —  November 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

>Today’s post is brought to you by virtue of the fact that I’ll be spending half my day today at the car dealership for needed repairs to one of my vehicles. When I envisioned how Thanksgiving weekend was going to go down, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. In order to combat the inevitable waiting room doldrums, I have a plan: I’ll be taking a bus to the theater–where I plan to take in the latest Harry Potter movie. While I’m waiting for the movie to start, I plan to Outlive My Life by finishing the latest Max Lucado book.

Yes, I am a fan of cognitive dissonance. But seriously, while I don’t agree, I do understand why some dear Christian folk are put off by the whole Potter milieu. For myself, I see it as an ingenious postmodern framework for conveying Biblical truth. Plus it’s just a corking good yarn! It’s a story that gets past this generation’s watchful dragons. But enough about that, here’s today’s random list of ridiculousness–where I give some props to U2 and rag on PMS a little:

An underwear commercial you will never see:

“Tightie-whities: where the streaks have no shame. Wait’ll we get our Hanes on YOU!” Nope, not gonna see that one.

A Weird Al parody that will never see the light of day:

Mu Shu Park–seek shelter from the Hoisin rain. That’s right–that one’s still in the vault.

Things a sane man would never do or say during PMS week in his home:

Sneak U2’s With or Without You into the holiday song playlist. Not if he wants to live.

Say to your wife: “Now I understand why Batman works alone.” Probably shouldn’t do that.

And for the last item today:

I’ve heard, depending upon where one is coming from from, I’ve heard that one must pass through Blue Ball, PA to get to Intercourse, PA. During PMS week, that sounds an awful lot like marriage!

Happy Saturday!




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