Shawn Smucker


Author of the novel, The Day the Angels Fell (2017, Revell). Husband. Father. Writer. Contemplative. Ice cream eater.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Joined February 2010
Born in 1976


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    Jan 19

    One thing writing requires of the writer is to try again and again, and then, when the writer is certain it can't be done, to keep trying.

  2. 7 hours ago

    Best preorder announcement yet! Thanks, M! :)

  3. 8 hours ago

    The older I get and the more I write, the more I am convinced it's not about how many people read what I write.

  4. Jul 18

    Twelve years we've been going to the mountains as a family. Man, we've been through a lot in…

  5. Jul 18

    Writing notes and getting ready to mail out early copies of The Day the Angels Fell in a few…

  6. Jul 17
  7. Retweeted
    Jul 17

    For authors who feel anxious about their social media presence (or lack of one) prior to a book launch, my two cents

  8. Jul 16

    Watched Jurassic Park with some of the kids tonight. Well, "watched" is a stretch. Two of them covered their eyes for most of the movie.

  9. Jul 16
  10. Jul 16

    Writing on the porch again, another Sunday night. People walk by with earbuds in. A siren wails. A guy leaves for work.

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    Jul 15

    To lose the scar of knowledge is to renew the wound. An art that heals and protects its subject is a geography of scars. — Wendell Berry

  12. Jul 15

    It's a warm one. @ Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  13. Jul 14
  14. Retweeted
    Jul 14

    ICYMI, I was at 's place talking about the wilderness - & the exit to a place of promise →

  15. Jul 14

    I hope you find silence this weekend, rest from the chaotic, frantic noise of this Internet we've created.

  16. Jul 13

    Maybe your knee-jerk reaction to the latest hot topic isn't what we need. Is there any substitute for the gentle nature of time passing?

  17. Jul 13

    Christians, I have family in the Amish community and let me say this: shunning, whether for "wrong" beliefs or ways of living, never works.

  18. Jul 12

    "Fine. You can have my iron and gold. But you owe me a sheep and a pig."

  19. Jul 12

    An integral part of my childhood. Care to venture any guesses?

  20. Jul 12

    Intrigued by the idea of using a FB group to help w/ a book launch? Feel free to join mine, if only for research :)

  21. Jul 12

    Me: "Can you finish loading the dishwasher and start it?" My 8yo son: "Sure." Me:

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