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Christian, introvert, husband, dad, writer. Sarcasm is just another service we offer. I'm a tech, but not PC. ITIL. Get my eBook:

Fairbanks, AK
Joined November 2008


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    11 Jul 2016
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    Jul 17

    When Porn Wasn't Enough For My Partner, He Turned To Prostitutes ⌦

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    Jul 13
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    Jul 12

    We fight because porn teaches that women—and some men—ultimately desire to be hurt, humiliated, and abused during sex. Not cool.

  5. Jul 11

    I'm at that age now where I have to wear insoles. So I figure why not sport the kicks I like? Only for me.

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    Jul 11
  7. Jul 10

    Kinda had a day today. Can't really talk about it, but you may enjoy your at my expense.

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    Jul 10

    Oh, I drink WAY more every day than THAT, lady! A day without is like a day without sunshine... dark.

  9. Jul 7

    It's A Wonderful Beef

  10. Jul 7

    The Manchurian Cabernet

  11. Jul 7

    Enema Mine

  12. Jul 7

    APorkalypse Now

  13. Jul 7

    The Usual Crumpets

  14. Jul 7

    Casino Royale With Cheese

  15. Jul 7

    The Codfather

  16. Jul 7

    Zack & Miri Make A Pomodoro

  17. Jul 7

    Bacon Instinct

  18. Jul 7

    Star Trek Into Porkness

  19. Jul 7

    The Expandables

  20. Jul 7

    Caddy Shake Shack

  21. Jul 7

    Madea Goes to White Castle

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