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Husband, Dad, Vol Fan, Believer, Not a very good good one, Poor representative of Evangelicalism due to nastiness of heart,

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  1. 14 hours ago
  2. 15 hours ago

    Today’s prayer: Praising Jesus that none of my prayers are big or little, but all the same size to Him.

  3. 15 hours ago

    My fitbit for 7/18/2017: 13,567 steps and 6.2 miles traveled.

  4. Jul 18
  5. Jul 18

    Today’s prayer: That I won’t forget that I am cleansed from my sins. (2 Peter 1:9)

  6. Jul 17

    My fitbit for 7/17/2017: 24,186 steps and 11.5 miles traveled.

  7. Jul 17

    Leadership advice that we all need to remember: Never blast your team by email, text or social media. Always handle that in person.

  8. Jul 17
  9. Jul 17

    Today’s prayer: That none of us are or have a spouse like Job’s wife. Satan took everything from Job but her.

  10. Jul 16

    My fitbit for 7/16/2017: 5,958 steps and 2.7 miles traveled.

  11. Jul 16

    Why do we who follow Christ have to keep hearing the Gospel? We forget the work Christ has done for us.

  12. Jul 16
  13. Jul 16

    Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes. Moving water does not. - Don’t be a stagnant Christian.

  14. Jul 16

    Today’s prayer: That what is done in our churches today is for Him, not us.

  15. Jul 15

    My fitbit for 7/15/2017: 17,311 steps and 7.9 miles traveled.

  16. Jul 15

    Good news!!! While watching Christmas In July on Hallmark, they announced Christmas movies begin on October 27!!!!

  17. Jul 15
  18. Jul 15

    One of the best things that I have done for my attitude is to unfollow all of the Pro and Anti-Trump folks that constantly retweet politics.

  19. Jul 15

    Finally watching Butch from Media Days. Glad I’m not playing a drinking game around the word “individual.”

  20. Jul 15

    Happy Birthday to my bride of nearly 25 years !!!!

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