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“We Love Hard”

randomlychad  —  June 27, 2011 — 2 Comments

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Last night, on the way home from my in-law’s house, my wife made a general observation about our marriage:

“We fight hard, but we love hard, too.”

I couldn’t disagree; I mean, insofar as it goes, it’s true: just because we are a couple of introverts doesn’t mean we aren’t people of passion. With passionate, sometimes disparate, points of view.

So, yes, from time-to-time we have fights. Don’t think this makes anything other than what we are: human.

Thus, as a human, and her husband, I had no problem with her statement. Trouble is, our kids were with us, and our son–our double-digit pre-teenager–suffers from an affliction such as is common to man: selective hearing.

Thus he heard only the last part of her remark: “We love hard.”

“Mom,” he said, “my ears!” So I, bless my heart, I tried to clarify:

“Son, what your mom means us that we love fiercely.”

“Fiercely?!??!?” he squealed, laughing.

“Ok, I mean intensely.”

Guffaws from the peanut gallery.

“Buddy, get your mind out of the gutter, ok? She’s just saying that we’re passionate people, and we love passionately. With ardor.”

I didn’t check, but I believe he was doubled over in paroxysms of silent laughter, tears streaming from his eyes.

At this point, I stopped trying to “help,” closed my mouth, and drove home. Oh, the joys–the simple pleasures–of being twelve!

But it’s true: we–my wife and I–we do love hard. And take that as you will.

(Please don’t tell her I wrote this, ok? I don’t wanna get into a fight). 😉

How about you and your spouse (or significant other)? Do you love hard?