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>Dream!photo © 2008 Melody Campbell | more info (via: Wylio)

I am not cool, hip, or “with it.” I’m just a middle-aged husband and dad with a dream. A dream that includes a love of words. A dream that I let all but die–because I bought into a lie.

When someone I respected, looked up to, trusted, told me I wasn’t good enough, I believed them.

I believed them, and let the spark in me grow cold.

For nearly a quarter century, that dream lay fallow in my heart’s soil. Oh, there were some tentative forays, a few things that saw the light of day, that people praised.

But I didn’t believe them. I was still the scared high school freshman who’d had his crushed heart handed to him.

It is just within the last nine months, or so, that I’ve allowed my heart to come alive again–that I’ve dared to dream.

And fallen in love with words all over again.

This is why, despite the fact that I’ve read only the first chapter, I believe so strongly in the message of Jon’s new book, Quitter. In it, Jon contends that following our dreams is not a process of discovery, but rather one of recovery. Finding, and championing, that which we’ve always truly loved.

That has certainly been the case for me.

My name is Chad. I may not be “cool,” but whatever else I am– be it an employee, husband, father–I am a writer.

I’m owning my dream now, and I’ve given up believing the lies.

How about you?