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Good morning! Today I have the privilege of guest posting for Leanne Shirtliffe as a part of her “Whiteboard Wednesday” series.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m a dad. Have been for a little over thirteen years now. Indeed, I was in my twenties when my parenting odyssey began, and it wasn’t until I was thirty seven that God decided to throw my wife and I a curveball. Or drop a surprise bomb (in the form of a little girl) in our laps.


To read the rest of Daughters, Bad Breath, & Losing It, please head over to her site.

Thanks, Leanne, for the privilege and opportunity to post for you!

As a bonus for those of you who stopped by here today, here’s the postscript that didn’t show up on Leanne’s blog:

“As if showering is somehow a cure for halitosis? (Side note: isn’t there one of those in Canada? Oh. Never mind: that’s Halifax, Nova Scotia).

Thus, I’m forced to conclude that I’ve lost my mind. Can you help me find it? The one I used to have worked pretty well…”

(Imagine it coming after the picture).

Hi, folks! Today, I’m honored to bring you a post from my new friend, Ricky Anderson. Not only is he a cool cat, I’m told he knows a thing or two about computers as well. 😉

A note about the post: most of the stuff I’ve read on Ricky’s blog has a decidedly humorous cast to it. The following represents, instead, the serious side of Ricky.

Without further ado, here is Not Good Enough:

The carousel starts again. Here we go.

“You’re not good enough.” I hear the Deceiver’s whisper in my ear.

“I know.” I want to argue. But he’s right.

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If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you’ve seen mentions of both Bryan Allain and the BlogRocket Community. Both are excellent resources for bloggers; in fact, Bryan started BlogRocket out of a desire to help bloggers grow their platforms, hone their writing voices, and build tangible relationships with other bloggers.

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So, Sharideth Smith and I are riding together (along with a whole host of other awesome bloggers) on Bryan Allain’s BlogRocket. She’s guest posting for me here today, and I’m laying some smack down on the ladies over in her crib (hey, turnabout’s fair play, right?). On a related note, in an unfortunate bit–albeit MotorCop approved–of Internet double-parking, I’m also guest posting for Alise Wright. So, please go over there and check out my bearing of soul.

Anyway, with her scintillating snark, and absolutely deadpan sense of of humor, here’s the “Wednesday Addams” of Christian blogging, Sharideth Smith:

'MMA fight' photo (c) 2009, Peter Gordon - license:

so the pastor wars are on. maybe not directly between the rock star super shepherds, but battle lines have been drawn among the fans.


yes. fans.

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Today marks a RandomlyChad first: my first-ever guest-poster. Tyler Tarver is a funny bloke, loves Harry Potter, and just came out with his first book. Take it away, Tyler! Oh, and be gentle!

10 Reasons You’ll Hate Words & Sentences

I know from reading Randomly Hacd’s (I believe in my heart of hearts that any word following “random” should be placed in random order) site for a while that he likes to throw the hate, and you know, my hate smells like a sweaty leprechaun hat.

Now, I know Chad’s hate can be inferred as “love”. Not me, I can’t even spell that word correctly. Luove. See, can’t do it. I’m really going to lay down the hate on my new book, Words & Sentences, in hopes that you’ll buy it, like it, and we can fall in lerve.

10 Reasons You’ll Hate Words & Sentences:

'Unicorn meat' photo (c) 2011, Bill Sodeman - license:
1. There’s a Unicorn on the front. C’mon, guy, a unicorn? They taste awful, like a rainbow. [Voldemort seemed to like them. Just sayin’.]

2. There is absolutely no mention of the debt crisis sweeping the America. I mean, I hear about it in every media outlet on the planet, and I want it in my literature. [But not in your book? What’s up with that?]

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