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I need to get something off my chest. Something that’s been bothering me. I really “hate” that Jeff Goins! He’s everywhere on the Internet, and his reach is only growing! Here’s why:

1) As you can read in his The 10 Commandments of Blogging, he has nothing but solid, time-tested, sage words for bloggers like me. In other words, Jeff makes me want to be a better blogger, and thus I have to work harder! You can see how that might upset me, right? 😉

2) Jeff has a great secret to his blogging success; in addition to being a crackerjack writer, he’s not afraid to make a big “ask” of himself! See his The Most Overlooked Secret to Influencing People. I mean, seriously, if Dale Carnegie were A) still alive; and B) a blogger, he would’ve written this. It’s that good. As before, the wisdom Jeff is sharing just makes me want to step up my game. And make a big “ask” of myself, too!

3)As with Bryan Allain, Jeff is a genuinely nice person. In all of my interactions with him, he’s always encouraged, been kind to, and really taken an interest in me. I always come away feeling smarter, like I can do this–I can grow my blog, too. Then I remember that Jeff is in his late twenties, and I’m nearly forty-two! With probably half the energy and drive that Jeff has. I mean the man works from home, and I’ve gotta commute twenty miles to the office! Where, at least, I’m not working in Superman jammies and fuzzy slippers! 😉

4) In addition to being just about the hardest working blogger on the Internet, Jeff also works for Adventures In Missions. I mean they train and send Christians out into the mission field to make a difference in the here and now, and for eternity, too! (My friend, Derek, just finished his “World Race,” where he visited eleven countries in eleven months. AIM does that!).

5) While a self-professed “non-athlete,” Jeff does run in marathons, but more importantly, he’s a member of a very important Dream Team. Their purpose? To see other’s dreams birthed into reality for the glory of God. How can one man do all this? I mean this Jeff seems almost superhuman!

6) In addition to all these other awesome things, Jeff bears more than a passing resemblance to Rupert Grint! Yes, that’s right, folks–he looks like Ron Weasley! And truth be told, there’s no magic to it at all: Jeff really does work that hard. (Though I think that there is perhaps a Phoenix feather inside his pen). It’s not fair! 😉

So as you can see, I have ample reasons to “hate” Jeff. How about you? Do you “hate” him, too? Share in the comments.

PS As before, “hate” is here being used to mean quite the opposite of its strict dictionary definition. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Jeff.

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If you’re at all like me, then you hate Bryan Allain. The man is a menace! Not only is he everywhere on the Internet, but his reach is growing through this BlogRocket Community he’s recently launched!

Why do I hate him?

Let me list the ways:

1) He’s unfailingly kind. I mean, come on, nobody’s that nice, but he is! He takes the time to answer even the most inane questions, and makes one feel like they matter.

2) He’s generous with his wisdom–he truly does want to see you succeed. Not only that, but he always tells the truth about everything.

3) He makes me want to be a better blogger–which is costing me time, as I write (and rewrite) my posts. (He even gave me a guest spot on his blog!)

4) He challenged me, and others, to lose weight last month–and I did, which is going to cost me money as I buy new clothes! Thanks, Bryan!

5) He talked me into joining the BlogRocket Community mentioned above, where I’ve found many great new friends! But who has the time? 😉 (Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Join the community).

6) Being in the community, seeing what other bloggers are up to, has challenged me to step up my game. And the pressure I feel, the weight of responsibility to produce compelling content–I lay that at Bryan’s feet!

Those are but few reasons why I “hate” Bryan. Care to share yours in the comments?

PS This post is entirely tongue-in-cheek. Bryan is a pretty awesome guy!

PPS Because he’s originally from Massachusetts, Bryan pronounces the word fountain as “founht-in,” instead of “foun-ten.” You can hear that here
in his Ad Unbrilliance Video for a women’s event at his church.