Wednesday #Haterade: A Special I ‘Hate’ My #Wife Friday Edition

What? you’re thinking. It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get…

Oh, never mind. Rebecca Black was so last month. 😉

Anyway, it’s Friday–why is he running a Wednesday Haterade piece today? I tell you why:

I’ve reserved a special spot in my shriveled little grinchy heart of choice vitriol for a special lady:

My wife.

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Wednesday Haterade, Friday Edition: Why I “Hate” @michaeldperkins

I know what you’re thinking: it’s Friday. Why is he running a Wednesday Haterade piece on a Friday? I mean that’s like doing a Twitter #FollowFriday (hereinafter, “#FF”–no cracks from the peanut gallery) on a Thursday. It.Does.Not.Compute.

I get you, I really do.


Here’s the deal:

I recently became acquainted with Michael Perkins online. And when I say recently, I mean, like, this week. Literally.

I mean I’m sure I’d seen his name around the blogosphere before, as we haunt frequent many of the same blogs. Anywho…

Out of the blue, he contacts me, asking if he can redesign my blog. Gratis. (Side note: please don’t ask him to do any pro bono work, ’cause that would be douchey. He sought me out. He’s trying to build his portfolio right now. And I am the blessed recipient of his time, talent, and skill).

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