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There Goes Tacos

randomlychad  —  March 12, 2015 — 2 Comments

So inspiration comes in a variety of forms and from many places. Today, I was playing Words with Friends with my friend, , and apparently played tiles in a spot he coveted for his own nefarious ends. Apparently, in Ricky-land, there’s a rule which states “whoever plays ‘taco(s)’ wins.” I thwarted his plans by playing the word “card.” In chat, he told me “there goes tacos!” What follows is a silly little piece inspired by this exchange.

“There goes tacos,” he said with a resigned shrug. It’s as if he’d hit the very rock bottom of what this day had to offer, and then someone went and knocked a hole in the bottom. What he wouldn’t give for a taco, and there it was–Taco Ricky’s–going up in flames.

How had it come to this?

His day began with an eviction notice. Then he had a flat tire, and was late to work (again). Then the boss, calling him into his office, said, “Sorry, Tom, you’re RIFed.” Because of where they were in the pay cycle his severance wouldn’t be available for a week. All he had was the money in his wallet (which wasn’t much).

There was enough for some beer. And Taco Ricky’s. The best tacos in all of Sandoval County. Taco Ricky’s was really just a roadside food stand, but man! No one made tacos like Ricardo “Ricky” Montalbob. Not no one, not nowhere.

Without any prospects, and nowhere to lay his head, Tom headed to White’s Blue Dragon (his favorite bar). He knew the bartender there, and hoped he could run a tab.

Tom had a few too many, and then got hungry. Arriving at Taco Ricky’s, he misjudged his speed, distance, and proximity to the taco shack. Tom crashed into it, rupturing the propane tanks which served to power the stoves inside.

Fortunately, “Ricky” himself was not inside (Tom forgot the stand closed early on Thursdays). Other than a flat tire, and some scrapes, neither Tom nor his car were hurt.

But the tacos were dead.

When the police arrived, they found Tom sitting on the curb bawling his eyes out.

“There goes tacos,” he blubbered. “What a winning day.”

The arresting officer replied, “Nobody wins when tacos die.”

Just as cognates are words which appear similar, but have different meanings, so, too, there are Twitter cognates.

Twitter Twins.

Your Twitter Twin is another person bearing your name, but with (obvioisly) a different face. Like cognates, you sound the same, but look different.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to search Twitter for your name, find an account with photos, and RT one with the following:

“I found my #TwitterTwin. Who’s yours?”

Let’s make this fun, people. 🙂

When Music Was Fun

randomlychad  —  January 6, 2014 — 2 Comments

Being already grown, and married, I missed the angst-ridden music scene of the 90s. Nirvana was not my thing. To be fair, back in the day I was into Metallica, AC/DC, Scorpions, etc. That was the sound of my rebellion. My angry candy.

But I didn’t always turn to music to give voice to my my inner demons. Rather, sometimes I just wanted to rock. I wanted to have fun. For my money, no one epitomized just how fun rocking out could be than Billy Squier. For a few years, he was then reigning champ of the arena rock scene.


Who can forget The Stroke? A song not about sex, but rather rockstar egos? Or In the Dark, Everybody Wants You, etc?

The guy knew how to rock, and had fun doing it.

I spent some time this past weekend revisiting some of Billy Squier’s catalog, and I’ve gotta say that it holds up surprisingly well. Besides which, his power ballads helped me power through cleaning my bathroom.

Made the domestic fun. And the songs took me back thirty years to when I was a much younger man. To a time when rocking out didn’t mean having an agenda, a message to peddle. No, Squier’s songs don’t have U2-level depth, don’t address world issues…

But darnit! They’re fun! They are well-crafted, infectious ear candy that exist only to make you feel better. If you have a good time listening to these tunes that’s the point.

So give Billy Squier a listen on one of those new-fangled things you kids are using these days. Pandora, Spotify, or that YouTube I keep hearing about.

(Yes, it’s okay to scratch your head and laugh at the absurdity of Squier’s Rock Me Tonight video).

Yesterday was a busy day for me; as such, I didn’t get my regular writing time. So instead of a standard post, I thought I’d ask you about summer movies.

I don’t often weigh in on pop culture, but here are some the movies I’m looking forward to this summer:


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Dark Knight Rises

Movies are, of course, expensive to attend–so I don’t know if I’ll be seeing all of the above in the theater. (If you were me, which ones would you see in theater, and which would you wait to rent?).

Movie I’ll be seeing because I have a five year-old:

Madagascar 3

What are you looking forward to?

What aren’t you going to see–even if your life depended on it?

Do you think we’re going to see another big blockbuster like The Avengers? Will The Dark Knight Rises surpass it?

What are you going to see this summer?

Originally came across the following on Facebook, posted it to Instagram, and finally decided it was just too much fun not to share here (that and it’s Friday, I’m tired, and trying not to come down with what my family’s got):


I’ll go first: “Gray Coldbuster.”

What’s yours?