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Just Jesus

randomlychad  —  February 5, 2014 — 5 Comments

I didn’t see the Creation Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham last night. It’s not that I wasn’t interested; rather, I was working. From what I’ve gathered about it, it doesn’t appear that any minds were changed.

Ham claims the authority of Scripture for his position, and Nye science. Thus questioning Ken Ham is akin to questioning God, and in questioning Bill Nye the Science Guy one risks the withering scorn of the scientific establishment.

Why are things always so rigidly dogmatic? So binary, so this–or that?

There’s no room for nuance. No room for debate, really.

Yet science and faith are not mutually exclusive. God gave us brains to use them. As Chesterton said, the “point of having an open mind is to close it again on something solid.” And chew!

If we believe that God is truth, then all truth is His truth. He doesn’t lie. If we observe that it takes light, well, light years to reach us it simply stands to reason that the universe is old. The further we look out into the universe the further back in time we’re looking.

I’m not threatened by this.

And neither is God.

God, in preparing a place for us, knew well in advance we would need fossil fuels…

But this is all really secondary. In fact, I don’t care what you believe about how we got here. I really don’t.

What’s important. What’s indeed number one with a bullet is what you make of Jesus, and what He did for all of us. Whether you want to be a theistic evolutionist, young earth creationist, old earth creationist, day-age creationist, proponent of the gap theory, intelligent designer, eater of bok choy, etc. it’s no skin off my back.

Because none of that is central.

What is is Jesus.

Just Jesus.

Your convictions about origins are not now, nor have they ever been, Gospel. Simply put, we have an enemy who loves nothing so much as to divide–to sow the seeds of discord–wherever and whenever he can.

He gets us majoring in the minors, while Jesus stands off to the side weeping because, somewhere along the way He and the Gospel, have been forgotten. It’s rampant throughout the world, but easily identifiable:

When, and where, ever we are more committed to an idealogy over and above the Gospel we’re missing it.

As for me, just give me Jesus.

How about you?

Our founding fathers, in an attempt to keep government out of the church, gave us an amendment stating, “Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.” This was meant to safeguard the sanctity of the church, keep government from meddling in its affairs. This Establishment Clause, however is increasingly interpreted to mean that religion has no place in government.

Or in the public discourse.

We’re told it’s a private matter–faith–and as such should be discussed privately. If at all. God help anyone who voices a conservative, biblically informed opinion in the public arena. Because it’s time to get with the program, toe line, march in step with the times.

What was good enough yesterday no longer is.

Is it any wonder?

Lewis wrote of (then) contemporary education producing “men without chests.” People, by and large, devoid of magnanimity and sentiment. He said, “We castrate, and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

A large number of our Ivy League colleges started as seminaries, the Bible used to be used as a reading primer, we used to allow prayer in schools. These things, however, changed over time as we (supposedly) became more enlightened. Certain things were deemed to be in violation of the establishment clause…

Our collective values as a nation shifted away from their foundations in Judeo-Christian tradition. Personal liberty seems to be the order of the day. Is it any wonder? Personally, I blame Darwin. Because, with the advent of evolution, what need had we of God?

When once we knocked the Creator from off of His throne, what tether is there anchoring our values in something solid–something concrete?

Something transcendent?


I submit to you that the fractured nature of our current public discourse has its origins here, in Darwinism. For if we take away from mankind the dignity of being created in the image and likeness of a Creator, what is he but an enlightened beast?

Once God is gone, anything goes.

Sin is no longer sin–just an inherited trait, or a genetic predisposition. A beneficial mutation. Whatever we can conceive of goes. Because we no longer have an anchor tying us to to past, to our “inalienable rights,” “endowed by our Creator.”

Abraham Lincoln said that “all men are created equal,” but how can that be if there is, in fact, no Creator? If we are not created at all? We give lip service to the ideals upon which our nation was founded, but term such language “old-fashioned,” or “traditional.” Surely Lincoln was speaking metaphorically, or poetically, and did not all actually mean we have a literal Creator? Surely, it’s the ideal of equality which matters more?

Upon what are we basing that equality, upon whose standard?

Nothing but prevailing winds of the day.

Evolutionary theory is at the heart of a whole host of things which plague us:

Utilitarian bioethics, which deems some lives more important than others.  If you’re old, infirm, no longer able to make a meaningful contribution–watch out! Or if, say, you’re an embryo with identified birth defects, you don’t deserve a chance. In fact, I contend that without evolutionary theory undergirding it, abortion on demand would never have been legalized.

It’s also at the heart of so-called “values clarification” taught in schools. The idea is children aren’t to taught what to value so much as they supposed to figure it out for themselves. (“Men without chests”). Because they are apparently so very wise and discerning…

I could go on.

With evolution on the table, and with God gone, life no longer has any “endowed” value–for there is no Endower. Life no longer has any inherent value. There is no longer anything to defend at all costs… The only value it has is what we say it has.

And what’s best for humankind seems to be determined by an elite few, or by those with the loudest voices. Or as Owell put it, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Call me backwards, a fundie, a wingnut, a denier of evolution. I don’t care.

Here I stand. I can do no other. So help me God.


Ok, maybe I’m showing my ignorance here, and you cool kids can school me, but there are some things I wonder about. Things that make me scratch my head like a lice-infested grade-schooler, and go “Huh?”

Things like:

Why are there lice? What purpose do they serve? Why does RID cost so much? (Nit one, pearl two).

(Feeling itchy?)

Ok, let’s try again:
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Welcome to Stuff Christians Dislike!

You thought you were heading to the Internet home of RandomlyChad, right? Well, not today. We’ve taken over. If you’re thinking that “Stuff Christians Dislike” sounds like a certain other blog, gold star for you! That’s right, this blog is a parody of a parody–a “perfidy.”

But it’s better to at least try standing on the shoulders of giants (actually, Jon Acuff isn’t that tall, is he?), than base jump off the bridge of Khazad Düm, right? (Here little Balrog, uncle Gandalf has something special just for you). Right? Can I get an amen?

Anyway, unlike Meister Acuff, this site will be all about what we, as Christians, don’t like. The things we dislike, despise, and demonize. SC3D (and I’m trademarking that).

And you know what the #3 thing we dislike is?


That’s right, evolution! Let me put this way it’s not something that we’re all up ons, ok? Evolution sucks because it takes God right out of the equation of, well, life, the universe, and everything. (Yeah, that was a Douglas Adams reference–a flaming atheist (like for reals now, too, if I ever saw one). I mean thank-you, Chuckie D, for your “evil-ution.” May you roast for all eternity with your pal, Dougie, the “Hitchhiker.”

Which brings me to the #2 thing we dislike:


Seriously, these dudes–Hitchens, Dawkins, Myers–are some of the most pompous windbags on the face of the planet. We don’t like them ’cause they trash talk our Jesus, and go about trying to convince folks God doesn’t exist. Well, we all know what the Bible says about what “the fool says in his heart,” right?

Who’s the douche now, Dawkie?

That’s right, we don’t like you. (It’s too bad about that whole “love your enemies” thing, cause it would be like wicked cool to set you up the bomb, Richie. Or is that “Clint?” I’m confused. Oh, well). Like Francis Schaeffer said, you keep your “Sagan-acity,” and we’ll keep our sagacity. Or something like that. Fool.

The #1 thing we dislike?


I mean you actually have the audacity to point out just how unloving we are! I mean the nerve! You don’t even know Jesus, and you dare to point out just how unlike Him we, His followers, are? Wow! Just wow!

Who are you to judge us?

Thing is: you’re often right. We Christians can often be a disputatious, contentious lot, just as much out for our own as everyone else. Lord knows we can be just as douchey. Please forgive us. God, forgive us. That’s not how we ought to be. That’s not Jesus.

How have you been unloving to the unbelievers in your life? Share in the comments.

(PS: If he weren’t so old, don’t you think, aside from his career as, you know, a scientist, doesn’t Richard Dawkins have an awesome porn star name? I mean “Dick Dawkins,” who can beat that?) 😉