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Back many moons ago, I used to cuss like a sailor, but then I found Jesus (or He found me–still kinda confused on that), and didn’t feel like it anymore.

Only that’s not true: I may not speak them aloud, but I still “hear”/”speak” them in my head. Which I suppose makes me a hypocrite.

A huge, honkin’ hypocrite, right?

It is a truth so axiomatic that it’s almost not worth mentioning, but… I’m gonna go there:

My experience is that when someone first gets “saved” there is a distinct period of profound, grating self-righteousness. There’s a certain safety in legalism.

In my example, I was delivered (or so I thought) from cussing (which Christians don’t even universally agree is sin)–so it would really hack me off when someone in my life would let fly the epithets.

I couldn’t even see past the log of my anger to help with the speck in my brother (or sister’s) eye if I wanted to!

Not to mention that I wasn’t taking into account the big question: Why is so-and-so “cussing?” What’s the heart behind it, why are they upset, or hurting–what’s the motivation?

Yes, actions are important, and have consequences, but the heart behind them even more so. Which I failed to consider.

What a flaming hypocrite!

And now? I still use “swears” in my head from time-to-time–all of which Jesus, of course, “hears.” But do I speak them aloud? No, because then you would catch me: rat-trapped in my own hypocrisy.

O, wretched man am I!

Thankfully, God remembers my frame, that I am but dust, and has covered me in the blood of Jesus.

How about you? Do you cuss in your head, or let it loose from your lips?

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What Makes You Uncomfortable?

     Over the past couple of days I’ve been dealing with some sensitive issues. Some folks were okay with the topics, others weren’t. Which prompted today’s post: what makes you uncomfortable? What crosses the line for you? What’s too far? For some people, mentioning the words “Jesus” and “poop” in the same sentence is too far, for others this is no big deal—of course Jesus had bodily functions like we do: He even ate after His resurrection. We all have our convictions, but I think we get into trouble when we project those convictions onto others.
     As discussed over on Nicole Cottrell’s excellent blog, Modern Reject, some Jesus-loving people are okay with the occasional swear word, while others aren’t. There are good reasons on both sides. What’s central is the heart. In Matthew 12:32, Jesus said (to the Pharisees), “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” In Matthew 15:17, He asked “Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?” So, two things here: 1) our evil comes from out of our hearts; and 2) what we eat doesn’t make us evil. It’s our misplaced desires that defile us. Nowhere even in the list in Matthew 15:19 does “cussing” appear. All of which is my long-winded way of saying that I think God is far more concerned with our hearts—our motives—than He is with the occasional word that slips out of our mouths. I’m not saying that He is, or isn’t, okay with swearing–I’m just saying that I think if one of us happens to hit ourself with a hammer I think He understands if what comes out of the mouth at that time is less than sweet wine. He’s far more interested in the why than the what (not that the “what” doesn’t matter—it does).
     Which brings me back to the questions that I posed at the beginning of the post today: what’s too far for you? What do you think crosses a line that God’s not okay with? What’s the most uncomfortable you’ve ever been? At work, or at church? What’s the worst thing you heard in church? What’s the worst thing you said in church? What, in your view, is just plain too far? Or is it different for every believer? Do you cuss, or not? Do you yell at your spouse, or kids, on Sunday morning, and then act all “Hallelujah-praise-the-Lord-it’s-a-great-day-brother” when you get to church? What’s worse in your view? The fact is, we all struggle with something—whether it’s anger, or cussing, or whatever. I’ve shared on this blog on numerous occasions the things I struggle with, so let’s hear some of yours today.
Thanks, and may God richly bless you.