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If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you’ve seen mentions of both Bryan Allain and the BlogRocket Community. Both are excellent resources for bloggers; in fact, Bryan started BlogRocket out of a desire to help bloggers grow their platforms, hone their writing voices, and build tangible relationships with other bloggers.

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So, Sharideth Smith and I are riding together (along with a whole host of other awesome bloggers) on Bryan Allain’s BlogRocket. She’s guest posting for me here today, and I’m laying some smack down on the ladies over in her crib (hey, turnabout’s fair play, right?). On a related note, in an unfortunate bit–albeit MotorCop approved–of Internet double-parking, I’m also guest posting for Alise Wright. So, please go over there and check out my bearing of soul.

Anyway, with her scintillating snark, and absolutely deadpan sense of of humor, here’s the “Wednesday Addams” of Christian blogging, Sharideth Smith:

'MMA fight' photo (c) 2009, Peter Gordon - license:

so the pastor wars are on. maybe not directly between the rock star super shepherds, but battle lines have been drawn among the fans.


yes. fans.

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by today! I appreciate you, and your faithful readership! Thanks for coming along on this ride with me. It’s been fun, challenging, and downright awesome!

Today, I’m posting at Bryan Allain’s blog on the “Five Things You Never Want to Hear From Your Child in a Public Restroom.” It’s a post based on some real life experiences I’ve had with my daughter. While I’ve posted some funny things in the past, my writing of late has strayed away from “teh funnay” onto more serious subjects. I’m not sure if this post represents a return to form (if you will), or points in a new direction. Time will tell. What I do know is that it wouldn’t be what it is without Bryan’s expertise. The end result is truly a collaborative effort. Thank-you, Bryan, for making me funnier than I am!

So please check it out at Bryan Allain dot com. Thanks for reading!