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I Am A Cad

randomlychad  —  November 13, 2011 — 11 Comments

I am a cad. A knave, a scoundrel, a scallywag.

Why do I say this?

Because I didn’t think things through, and posted what I thought was a satirical exposé of brutish behavior, I’ve deeply hurt my own wife.

(It was, as I can now see, well-nigh the nadir of insensitivity).

Which, at the time, was the furthest thing from my mind.

But the truth about me is that, at one time or another, over the course of twenty-one years, I have likely said most (if not all) of those things in that list to her. Yes, like just about every other married couple, we’ve gotten upset with one another, and said things. I’ve said things. Hurtful things.

So I can understand why, though it’s not at all what I had in mind in this instance, she would be so deeply shocked and offended.

And hurt.

It hurts me that something I wrote hurt her so deeply. What hurts worse is that, although she was recovering from surgery, I fought with her about it–insisting that it was satire. Instead of giving up my rights in a Christlike fashion, I fought for them. To my shame, I was proud of the creativity I thought I displayed.

The Scriptures say that pride comes before a fall, and in an ironic twist of the tale, I became the brutish oaf I thought I was lampooning.

And for that I am deeply, truly sorry.

I hurt her so deeply. I hope she can forgive me. Please pray that she does.

Why in this vale of tears do we so often hurt the ones we love?