The iPad2 is truly a magical and revolutionary device. Truly!

It has revolutionized my health! How, you ask?

Well, since joining the low carb craze this past February, and being a middle aged man, my doctor asked me to keep a periodic record of my stool.*

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Today, I was going to try to shock you by saying how much I (sometimes) “hate” Jesus. Only that wouldn’t be entirely true. And you know what they say about a partial truth… Anyway, it’s more like I “hate” the things He lets me go through–I mean He’s always up in my grill, in my business, telling me to take up my cross. I feel like the one who’s gotta do all the changing in this relationship! On account of He’s “Christ Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Man, does He push my buttons!

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Jesus Loves… Satanists

randomlychad  —  September 6, 2011 — 12 Comments
'Jesus Loves* You' photo (c) 2008, R. M.  Calamar - license:

Jesus loves:

Harry Potter-readers

Jesus loves:

Richard Dawkins &
Rob Bell

Jesus loves:

Fred Phelps (Westboro “Baptist”)

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'Tide' photo (c) 2010, Duncan Harris - license:

Crashing inexorably upon my shore, ineffable as the tide, I cannot live lest I drown.

Pummeled by your surge, beaten by the surf; disoriented, I claw to keep the life I know.

Fighting to live, I die.

I die, refusing to breathe in the healing waters of Your Grace.

You are all around me.

Sometime ago, I had friends who spoke often about getting this, or that, “word from the Lord.” Usually, this was in reference to God’s will for them, and specifically in regards to what He wanted them to either do, or not do. His perfect will for their lives.

Problem is, oftentimes these things didn’t work out.

Consequently, the faith of my friends was repeatedly shaken, because God had somehow let them down.

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