Engaging the Culture

randomlychad  —  August 18, 2011 — 7 Comments
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Folks, I know of late I’ve spilled much digital ink regarding J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I promise you that this is not becoming a “Harry Potter” blog. Aside from my love of the books, I used that series as a touchstone to discuss some “disputable matters.” I did this because Harry has become such a large part of our cultural lexicon.

Today, I’d like to peel back the curtain a bit, and delve into what I think is the larger issue: cultural engagement. (Peanut gallery: I see your objection–“In the world, but not of it.” Yes, I know. And, no, that’s not what I’m talking about–worldliness–but rather being engaged, informed, being able to address the issues facing people today, and relate those issues to spiritual truth).

So, yes, today I’m going to talk about cultural engagement, and indeed how reading Harry Potter fits into that paradigm.

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Too Many Jesuses?

randomlychad  —  August 17, 2011 — 11 Comments
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Yesterday, I wrote of a nasty habit we (who are believers) all seem to have: proof-texting the Bible. We comb through the Scriptures looking for verses that validate our beliefs, rather than having our beliefs informed by the Bible.

I do it, you do it, we all do it. But I find it’s best to “let God be true, and every man a liar.”

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Hi! I know you came here for humorous send-up in tribute to a fellow blogger. Believe me: there are plenty of folks out there to “hate.” (And their time is indeed coming).

That said, today I’d like to get some things off my chest. What I mean is: today I’ll be sharing some things I really hate. For reals–no joke. These are things that piss me off.

(Forgive me if I sound curmudgeonly, but I’m entitled; I’m 42). 😉

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Yesterday’s post was a humorous look at a recent misunderstanding. Why there was a misunderstanding at all is simply because my wife and I take seriously the biblical charge to: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Prov. 22:6, ESV). That is, we believe–as our children’s parents–that God has tasked us primarily with instructing our kids in His ways, with inculcating the values we hold dear.

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Dear Londoners, that sound you hear? That rumbling underground that sounds like a bore? It’s my mom’s fault.

John Wesley is spinning in his grave.

You see, what happened is that my son spent the night at his grandmother’s house–he and one of his cousins, and at some point, the topic of religion came up.

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