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randomlychad  —  November 10, 2011 — 11 Comments


I want to thank-you for reading my random ramblings! You’re a large part of why I do what I do. Well, that and the voices in my head… But they don’t like it when I talk about them. 😉

Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing today. Some weeks ago, I asked you all for prayer for my wife, Lisa, because she had a “frozen shoulder” (or adhesive capsulitis). Wanted to let you know that her shoulder still hurts, but it’s getting better. She’s been undergoing physical therapy 2-3 times per week for sometime.
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I know. I know. I’m supposed to “hate” another blogger today, right? “Hate” them in such way that highlights their work.

But you know what?

I’m too tired. Because of sleep apnea.

And not in an ironic, this is something cool, I really love it kind of way.

I hate it!


And I (really) hate that–that I’m feeling tired and uninspired. It’s gone on a long time now–too long–but I’ve got to see my wife through some stuff before I can take care of me.
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After yesterday’s post, I thought it prudent to delve a little deeper into the issues surrounding faith and culture in our day and age. Specifically, I want to address the differences I see between a reactionary faith, and a proactive one.

C.S. Lewis (paraphrasing) once said that “the salvation of a single human soul is far more important than the preservation, or production, of all the works of drama/literature in human history.” In my estimation, this is very much in line with what Jesus said about leaving the ninety-and-nine to find the one. This is a kingdom value, and as such all the angels in Heaven rejoice over a lost soul that is found.
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I’ve written before on why I think the Gospel isn’t culturally relevant–but that isn’t the entire story. As I’ve thought more about this, I’ve realized that there is some clarification in order; namely, that it’s not the Gospel’s primary mission to be culturally relevant–for it is a counter-cultural message. Else, why are we told to take up our crosses, deny ourselves, esteem others more highly?

This runs counter to the prevailing zeitgeist, which is “what’s in it for me?”
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This past Sunday at church, my daughter, B-Dog, was given a rubber ducky unlike any I had ever seen before: “Ninja Duck.”

What is “Ninja Duck?” From
what I can ascertain, it’s (obviously) a small rubber toy. I mean that much is clear. With nun-chuks! Which is cool… but Ninja Duck, like the old song on Dr. Demento (“Dead Puppies”), just kind of lies around, inert. It doesn’t even squeak!

What kind of duck doesn’t even quack, or squeak?

Ninja Duck!

Clearly, as was the case with the iPhone 4’s “antennagate” last year, Ninja Duck represents a triumph of form of over function. Who cares if it drops calls when it touches human flesh–because, I mean look at it!–it’s dead sexy!

Likewise, Ninja Duck looks cool, but there’s not much you can do with it. And I gotta tell you, I’ve had quite the existential crisis this week regarding this dumb duck! What’s it for? What’s its purpose? What can I do with it?

Well, for one thing, I guess it’s a pretty good conversation starter.

“What’s that?”

“Ninja Duck.”


“Ninja Duck.”

“What’s a ‘Ninja Duck?’ What’s it do?”


“But what’s it do?”

“Tell you what: let me throw it at your face, and you tell me, ok?”

“Hey! You don’t have to get hostile. It was just a question.”


“I still don’t know what it does.”

“Shut up.”

And so it goes… At least in my head. I think this probably kills the evangelistic potential of Ninja Duck, right? WWJD? (Hint: He sure as heck wouldn’t hurl a Ninja Duck at someone’s head. “I love you.” Wham! “What the heck was that, Jesus?” “Ninja Duck! Booya!”).

How about you? Like the Klondike Bar, what would you do-oo-oo with a “Ninja Duck?”

(Here’s something I did:

20111104-142251.jpg I call it “Ninja Duck” goes nuts!)

A note on the text: this post was composed on my iPhone 4 (not 4s), and I tapped the “F” key at least thrice while trying to type the word “duck.”