Good morning! I see that you’re up early. I am, too. Well, virtually anyway–on account of teh magic of teh intartubes, I have a guest post going up on on Ricky Anderson’s blog sometime around o’dark thirty this morning.

While the post may be up, I’ll still be warmly snuggled in my bed, dreaming of fluffernutters, and sawing logs with Paul Bunyan.

As for Babe? We got hungry! Logging is exhausting, appetite-inducing work! Mmm, oxtail!

Anyway, you should probably head over to Ricky’s blog now to read about just how mean I am to my customers and coworkers. (Unless he changed the post’s name, it’s called Good Admins Behaving Badly).

Ricky ain’t the only one with passive/aggressive tendencies. Just sayin’. 😉

Goodmornoonevening, everyone! Welcome to the return of Wednesday Haterade! The “Hate” was on hiatus last week on account of a disk crash at VPS.Net. Thanks, VPS! You’re awesome! NOT!!!! (Thankfully, my awesome host, BlogRocket Hosting is dropping VPS like a potato grown in the fields outside Chernobyl).

But you didn’t stop by to read about my hosting woes, right? You came for the “hate!” Well, shame on you! Don’t you know it’s wrong to hate?

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What Are You Reading?

randomlychad  —  August 30, 2011 — 11 Comments
'Book Addiction' photo (c) 2010, Emily Carlin - license:

Because I’m always looking for something good to read, I’m going ask: what are you reading this week? What have you read recently?

Right now, I’m working on (non-affiliate links–no time to set them up):

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'Best By' photo (c) 2008, Rene Schwietzke - license:

You’ve been to the store, seen the imprints on the labels: “Best by xx/xx/xxxx.” “Best before…”

Me, I ignore them. Oh, not the ones on products, or medicine–I’m quite assiduous in shunning those.

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'lemon juicer 026' photo (c) 2006, - license:

I don’t know about you, but I often hide behind humor when life seems like too much. Often, the pressures, and the schedules, put my poor introverted soul on overload.

Between family life–with kids in school–and the demands of work–where I feel like a corporate drone–me feels really squeezed. (I can only imagine how it is for my wife, having primary responsibility for kids, house, shopping, etc.).

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