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Halloween is coming, and with it hordes of the undead. They will be descending upon your doorsteps in countless, shambling, ravenous hordes.

Do you have a plan?

They will show up hungry, demanding of you not flesh, but candy. Metric tons of it.

You can:

1) Hide–leave your lights off. Don’t open the door. You never know who’s out there these days. Play dead.

2) Open your door, pass out sweets, embrace the fun of it. Make it not about death, but life. People long for community, connection. Make it happen!

3) Go outside–embrace your neighbors, get to know them. You might find they’re not so different after all. Chances are very good that most people you meet aren’t satanists out to hex you. The point is: how are we to be salt and light if we’re not interacting with people outside the household of faith?

4) Go to your church’s harvest festival–but invite your neighbors. Salt set apart by itself has no savor.

4) Along with candy, procure and pass out copies of Clay Morgan’s excellent book, Undead: Revived, Resuscitated, Reborn. In it he tells, in a wise, witty, well-researched yet accessible, way tales of the undead from the New Testament. In fact, read it for yourself, and you may just find yourself better prepared to face those undead hordes coming for your candy.

Just my $.02, folks.

What do you think?

There are a number of things knocking around in my grey space today, and what finally bubbled to the surface was this:

“Chad’s 10 Random Rules of Writing”

1) Love the language–it matters. It matters a great deal; even so:

2) Keep it simple–less is more. It is often better to imply a thing than to just come right out and say it; despite this:

3) Be direct, and:

4) Write what you know, but even so:

5) Don’t make experience a chain that constrains your imagination–let it fly free, and:

6) Follow your folly, but remember:

7) “Life is not a support system for art; it’s the other way around.” –Stephen King, On Writing

8) Have a support system in place, and try to always:

9) Write in the same space; lastly:

10) Know where, when, and how to throw the rules out the window. Like this:



How about you? What are some writing rules you live by?

Here is a list of random bullet(point)s for your Friday:

•Recently, in trying to explain to my son what an estate sale was–how surviving family members try sell off a departed loved one’s assets, he completely misunderstood that last word there. (Perhaps they’re working those off trying to move the merch? Or maybe I need to reassess these dialogues?)

Alton Brown and I had a bit of a playful spat on Twitter this past Wednesday. I asked him to help me prank Kevin Haggerty. He participated alright–just not as I’d hoped. I guess I’d call it a backhanded compliment. Maybe he was mad that I called him
“Mr. Brown?” Regardless, by now, A.B. has surely forgotten about me. It’s ok, I still love you, man! (You, too, Kevin). Now bring back Good Eats!

•Hands down the best thing I saw on the Internet this week was Amanda Bast’s ‘Mystery Project. It’s video with contributions from throughout the blogosphere that she cleverly edited together in celebration of her boyfriend, Joseph’s, birthday. Why Ricky “Mr.” Anderson was asked to participate, and I was not, is still a mystery to me. (It’s probably because he’s younger, smarter, and better looking! Darnit!)

•For more “Internet Awesome,” look over to the right, and down just bit, at my blogroll. Like eggrolls, but awesomer, and like for your mind, and stuff. (Speaking of awesome, Knox McCoy, I’m still waiting for my invite. What gives?) 😉

•I leave you with this picture Andi Cumbo posted on Facebook:


Peace out, peeps! Make a great weekend!

[Upon discussion with those closest to me, I’ve decided that this post represents a huge satire fail. As such, I’ve removed it.]