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What If I Shine?

randomlychad  —  December 17, 2014 — Leave a comment


I drive past this sign every morning on my way to work. It both challenges and convicts me. Frankly, it also frightens me. I mean, what if I shine? It means that, quite possibly, I could stand out (when everything in me wants to fade into the woodwork). My proclivity is to quietly go about my thing not drawing attention to myself (said the guy with blog bearing his name). If anything, it’s the work I want to be known for, and the quality thereof. There’s an old saw that goes: “Take the work seriously, and yourself not at all.”

I have always embraced this. But what if what if I shine? means that I–that you–that we allow world the feel the full weight of just who God made us to be, and the world just has to deal with it?

What if?

Does your soul recoil at the thought, wondering just who you think you are? I know mine does. Who am I to shine?

I am Chad, blood bought, sanctified, spirit-filled child of the living God, Who paid my debt through His Son Jesus. I need to constantly remind myself of that.

Who are you today?

Will you shine?


Recently, my online friend Caleb McNary emailed me with an inquiry. Would I willing to, during the month of November, engage in fearsome feats of follicular fortitude?

Would I willing to grow a beard for No shave November?

When I broached the subject with my wife, she wasn’t entirely supportive; because, you see, beards are not her favorite. 🙂 (I do have a nice pebbling of stubble sprouting from my face. We’ll see if she notices).


captain stubbles

The impetus behind No Shave November is to raise awareness for a worthy cause. In Caleb’s case, he’s put together a crackerjack team of (soon to be) bearded bloggers united for a single cause:

Our goal is simple: raise $1,000 to provide clean water for 50 people.

Will you join us?

To donate, or learn more about the project, click here.

If you’re among the male half of population, please consider joining in. If you do, use the hashtags #noshavember or #beardedbloggers, and post pictures of your hairy hirsuted progress to social media.

(As Caleb indicated in his post, if you’re a lady you’re more than welcome to join in. It is heading towards winter after all–so grow out that leg hair! Just don’t post any pics anywhere, okay?). 😉

Thanks! Hope you’ll consider joining in on all the fun, faith, and follicles!