So, How’s Your Faith?

randomlychad  —  October 27, 2015 — 3 Comments

I have to admit that lately my faith is like shifting sand, changed by the wind. I’m treading water just to keep from sinking. You’ll have noticed that I’ve not been around here much. Work has been extremely taxing, and I’m really fighting with my sleep apnea of late. The long and short of it is that, yes, fatigue colors one’s outlook. What was once a bright and rosy world, full of vivid colors and subtle shades of pastels is now much more drab, grainy, washed out. It’s like going from HD to the kinescope of the 50s. It’s a low res world for me at the moment, and I find myself easily distracted. Carried away by the flotsam and jetsom which crosses my path. You’ll have likely seen the following somewhere online; it describes my world now:  

Unable to quite focus the work I want to do, I need to do, I’ve been tinkering with wireless routers, breaking (and fixing) my Kindle, and watching entirely too much TV. I don’t quite know how to get off of this crazy train, but would appreciate your prayers. 





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  • Looking forward to our visit this morning…

    Sounds like you know where you are. I think you know where you want to go. Now, it’s a matter of connecting the dots to get there.

    • Yes, sir. Sometimes it’s a slow climb. I’m trying to take care of my health via exercise, and have been trying to get the sleep issues addressed. I know rest is one of the core components influencing mood. In fact, I’ve an appointment tomorrow with my sleep doctor. I think the dominoes are beginning to fall into place.

  • ” fatigue colors one’s outlook.”

    Boy isn’t THAT the truth. The good news is at least you can see where you’re at! A lot of folks don’t realize that the lack of rest is what is making the world a dull gray place. And then it’s much harder.

    I can’t tell you for sure how to get off the train you’re on, but I can say when I’ve been in that position what has helped me is turning off the TV (hard as it is) and spending those hours in bed. If I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes. Even laying still and resting your eyes is still rest. It may not be “sleep” level rest, but it is beneficial to the body. Much more than the eye strain of TV. So something to consider. You could even put on an audio book while you’re at it. Or there’s always whale noises. 🙂

    Will definitely keep you in prayer as you go through this bumpy patch. The valleys help us appreciate the mountains, but that knowledge doesn’t always help much while we’re currently stuck in the valleys. 🙂