Revealed! Why @jonacuff Left the Dave Ramsey Group

randomlychad  —  September 26, 2013 — 13 Comments


Why Jon Acuff really left the Dave Ramsey organization:

After three years of looking for the Lampo, he never found his way to Narnia.

After three years on staff, he didn’t get the diamond-encrusted gold grille he was promised. Instead, Dave gave it to an Entre Leadership graduate in New Mexico, Tuco Salamanca.

The year’s supply of Gordo’s Queso he was promised in his contract turned out to be only a week’s worth of Tostitos Bean Dip. (Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving. But Jenny wasn’t too fond of it).


Jon couldn’t tolerate the stunning brilliance anymore. The brilliant shine refracting off of Dave’s dome, that is! It hurt Jon’s sensitive eyes. Every time they met, he had to shade them.

And the straw that broke the camel’s back? In their all staff meeting last Friday, right in front of everybody, Dave mistook Jon’s queso for his favorite “Dome Polish,” slathering a great gob of it on his head with his money-dirty fingers.

That was Jon’s lunch!

Or it could be, after working there for three years, and despite doing his best to cover his tracks, Dave got wind of the fact that Jon (unbeknownst to anyone at Lampo) sold a story idea to CBS Television–Under the Dome.

Dave was mad they got Dean Norris to play him.

'Holy Smokes, it's Jon Acuff!' photo (c) 2011, Collin Harvey - license:
Jon at a convention, talking with his peeps about Dome


The truth is, as curious as we all are, it’s none of our business why Jon left the employ of Dave Ramsey. He’ll likely talk about it when he’s ready, or when the NDA expires. But until then, I have a hunch it’s to Start up the European division of Gordo’s Dips. I mean the market is wide open. Plus, bechamel is blasé, France! So there. Cheese dip is where it’s at.




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  • Funny stuff. You nailed what he likes.

  • Good stuff. I guess I fall in the category of not needing to know and not really caring the real reasons. If we never know the why--it will be fine with me.

    • Thanks, Matt! Oh, and me, too--don’t need to know.

      But it was fun to play! 😉

  • I guess my thought to why he left was because it was just time to mve on. Jon is really in the business of being Jon Acuff and I think it was probably a mutual decision. Dave is probably even happy for Jon. Other than that, I don’t need to know the details.

    • You’re probably right, Larry. But my imagination didn’t want to leave it alone. Thanks for playing along!

      • I thought you dead on and awesome in the post. I hope Jon enjoyed it.

        • Thanks! Who knows. Doubt he even read it.

    • guest

      I agree with you Larry. It’s time for Jon Acuff to cut the apron strings. It seemed to me that Dave Ramsey wanted to mentor new talent by co-opting it into his own organization. Problem with that is -- the new talent will always be junior. They never get to truly be their own person -- and brand -- in that way. I feel sorriest for Rachel Cruze. She will never come into her own as long as her daddy basically owns her business. She won’t get to be a real entrepreneur until after he’s dead, unfortunately. Dave Ramsey admires Seth Godin and seems to quote his work often enough, but Seth Godin mentors lots of people without co-opting them into his own organization, or controlling them.

  • Collin Harvey

    I randomly stumbled on this article today. Funny stuff. Also, that’s me in the picture with Jon. Weird.

    • Thanks!

      Didn’t mean to weird you out. You must have uploaded that pic somewhere, because I found it on Wylio--a site which searches opensource licensed images.

      • Collin Harvey

        Oh sure, no worries. It’s on Flickr, which I had set to Creative Commons at the time you published this. No biggie. 🙂