The True & the Original Titles of Rob Bell’s Bestselling Books

randomlychad  —  July 11, 2013 — 11 Comments


You might know the name, Rob Bell; if not, he’s the controversial former pastor of Mars Hill Church in Michigan. He’s known as leading figure in the Emergent Church (though he personally rejects that label).

Rob’s written some books. You may have heard of them. You may even have read some of them.

What you didn’t know it’s that they were all almost published under vastly different titles.

1) Velvet Bell-Vis: Refilling My Bank Account

2) Sex Rob: I Have Progeny, and So Should You

3) Drops Like Starburst: Nom Nom Delicious Candy

4) Rob Wins. Again.

5) What Rob Talks About When Rob Talks About Rob

There you have it, folks: the original, true, and correct titles of Rob Bell’s bestselling books. You heard it here first.

Your turn. What funny titles can you come up with for some famous Christian book? Best one wins a copy of Leanne Shirtliffe’s hilarious book, Don’t Lick the Minivan.

Have at it!




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  • Jeff Goins’ book You Are a Writer was originally titled I am Getting Paid.

    Jon Acuff’s book Quitter was originally titled What I Did With My Life Before Dave Ramsey Hired Me.

    Michael Hyatt’s Platform originally had the subtitle How to Write a Best Selling Book When You Used to Run a Publishing House.

    All of Joel Osteen’s books were originally titled Look at My Pearly Whites Shine Like the Sun in My $3000 Suit.

    UnChristian by Dave Kinnaman had as its original title Why Christians SUCK

    • Dude! I’m having you ghost write all of my humor posts from now on. 🙂 Those are golden!

      • Writing chapter for our book “The Road to Nashville” is really sharpening my comedic thoughts apparently. I have to say, those are pretty funny

      • You choose a winner yet?

        • Yes, all in due time, my young padawan. 😉

  • I would turn to Leanne’s original title, which was Don’t Lick The Mini-me.

    • That’s funny, Larry! And kind of naughty!

      PS her original title was “Get That Train Off Your Pen…” (you know). 🙂

      • Chad, I tend to say things that mean one thing and unintentionally they mean another.

  • Everyday A Payday by Joel Osteen.

    • That’s great, Rob! Payday’s are nom nom nom.

  • Dave Wonders

    The original classic…