The (a)Lone Ranger: a Post About Accountability

randomlychad  —  July 31, 2013 — 6 Comments

Christianity is a faith predicated upon community. We are members of one another, a part of the same body. We are our brother’s keepers.

At the same time, we are an individualistic culture. What we do is no one’s business, but our own. But what we do certainly impacts those around us.

But we can’t have it both ways; our liberty in Christ is not a license to live as we please, out on our own, lone rangering it. I see the tendency in my own life–to want to isolate myself, live my own life.

But that’s just the thing: it’s not my own life–for I am not my own, but bought with a price. I belong to Christ. I also belong to my wife, my kids, my friends, church family…

Nothing I (or we) do exists in a vacuum. One of the biggest lies the enemy lobs our way–like a live grenade–is that we are alone. That no one knows our shame, no one has ever faced similar struggles. Like a wolf casing a flock, he’ll wait until we are weak, isolate, and pounce…

Sinking in those teeth of temptation, feeding on the toxic tendencies of our flesh. Make no mistake: he knows our stories, knows our proclivities, our weaknesses.

Knows the right time to strike.

If you think that he will let up when times are tough, when we’re feeling low, defeated, broken… When life gets hard. Think again: that’s when he turns up the heat the highest.

His goal is to get us to crack, to give in, to break, and destroy, us. “Your adversary, the devil, roams about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” He is not, as some would say, a toothless enemy. No, he has razor sharp canines, and strong claws.

And he doesn’t let go easy.

Think of the things in our lives that we give ourselves over to: money, sex, porn, drugs, booze, food, envy, bitterness… I could go on and on.

Were any of those easy to eliminate? I rest my case. The Bible says that “when we are weak, we are strong.” A seeming paradox. When are we weakest? When we get real, and confess our junk. We run the risk of being rejected, ostracized, vilified, misunderstood. But when we find that community where we are accepted (warts and all), we find that it’s indeed true:

“When we are weak, we are strong.” Because we’re not in this alone. And there is strength in numbers–hope in knowing that our brothers and sisters have been, or are at, where we ourselves are. They’ve got our backs.

I am not alone.

You are not alone.

Lest you think I’m preaching to the choir here, I’m going lead by example:

(Understanding that nothing trumps face-to-face accountability) If you are male, and consider yourself my friend, I give you permission to ask the hard questions of me. I’m tired of trying to do this on my own. I’m tired of lone rangering it.

My email is [email protected].

(I encourage females to likewise find safe sisters to which they can be accountable).

Thanks for reading.




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