Help Me Crack the Top 1,000,000 On Kindle

randomlychad  —  July 24, 2013 — 8 Comments


I published a short story on Kindle without any fanfare. Not because I didn’t work hard on it, not because I’m not invested in my work, but rather because selling makes me feel vaguely uneasy. I felt bad about asking you to invest in my work.

Pretty stupid, right?

I spent long hours, and many late nights, getting Cotton Candy just right. It’s a quick read. If printed, I believe it would be about eight pages. But it tells the story I set out to tell.

It would mean quite a lot to me if you would click here, and buy a copy from Amazon. It could be the best $.99 you spend all day. And certainly better for you than chips, soda, or other snack foods.





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  • You might crack the top 900,000 now. I just picked it up. Looking forward to reading it Chad

    • Thanks, Chris! Hope you like it.

  • dude! i just picked it up and had it delivered to my kindle. cannot wait to read this when i get home! you’re a flippin’ pro, chad!

    • Thanks, Tim! You totally rock!

  • I get that same feeling you do. I want people to read my stuff…I just feel bad asking. At the end of the day at least people that read our blogs and are our friends on social media have given us permission to let them know what we are up to. They don’t have to buy or read it but we can let them know. Best of luck!

    • Exactly, Rob! You get it.

      And, thanks!

      Wishing you much success on the upcoming release of your book!

  • Love this!!!!!! Such an awesome surprise. Very excited and proud of you. I bought it and can’t wait to read it!!!