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randomlychad  —  January 16, 2013 — 3 Comments

I hear a lot these days about platform and strategy, about how important it is to have both. I don’t discount it. I believe it is important to live with intentionality.

But these usually go hand-in-hand with someone else’s success story, e.g., do it this way (my way), and you will succeed.

It’s never worked for me. The more I’ve tried to emulate others, follow their path to success, the more I’ve failed, and fallen flat.

Which has been my approach to both platform, and strategy: do what you see others doing.

Thing is, I’m not them, I’m not a Jeff Goins, a Michael Hyatt, a Jon Acuff, or a Bryan Allain.

I’m me. And I’m beginning to understand that God’s path to success for me is mine to trod. Now I’m not knocking those other guys, as they are very successful at what they do. I’m simply saying I’m not them.

That my path is not going to be the same as their’s.

As such, 2013 is going to be a year of change for me. Where before I followed the crowd, I will instead be intentional with my social media connections. In other words I will have a strategy.

But it will be my own.

And as far as platform goes, I will be stepping away to put time, thought, and effort into matters of a more personal nature.

In other words to live.

See you down the road.




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  • this is kinda where i find myself, too, chad. i’ve only been blogging for a little over half a year but i’m already kinda burned out on the idea of platform building. the idea of having thousands or millions of people read your stuff and view your site and clicks, shares, retweets, likes, etc. is all very alluring and deceptive. i want to be liked and loved and appreciated. i’ve always struggled with the idea of wanting to fit in and be cool. but when i get too crazy about it i gotta remember what jeff goins wrote in his writer’s manifesto -- creation is our only intention. or something like that. i like to say it this way: shut up, and just create. my case specifically, shut up, and just write.

    • In other words, if we’re doing it to be liked, to be known, to fit in… We’re doing it wrong.

      It should be for the sheer joy of creating, of feeling the Father’s pleasure, of knowing we’re going where he would have us go.

      But there are no shortcuts on His path, and He takes His time, ensuring that we are the people we need to be when, and if, should success ever hit.
      Character matters to Him. A lot. The scriptures are replete with examples of folks trying to “help” Him out. Never works out so well. But thanks be to God that He works all things together for our good, that while He doesn’t deliver us from the consequences, He nevertheless somehow redeems our choices.

      And thereby turns pain into glory.

  • I was just writing a blog piece about this very thing today. I put it in my drafts to simmer for awhile, and I am so happy to see that I am not alone. I don’t have inspirations to be the next mega blogger, or get rich doing it, I just want to build a group of friends. I want my blog to be a place where sharing takes place, encouragement is doled out, and friends are made. To read all the experts, I will never excell that way. If I am looking for millions of readers, no, but I believe the closest, most worthwhile connections are made in a smaller venue anyway. A few months ago I decided to write only when inspiration strikes, not to struggle to post daily just to churn out something. I think it is working for me. I find when I do write something on my blog now I have more passion, I’m doing it from a creative state of mind, not as a must. I commend you Chad for your decision, and I wish you the best.