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randomlychad  —  December 26, 2012 — 18 Comments

We live in a world where it’s all too easy to blame, and cast aspersions, rather than take personal responsibility. This always works so much better, right? I’m broken, we’re broken, because of our parents, our life experiences… It’s always the other guy’s fault.

Guns, and pornography, for instance, are always hot button issues. We keep trying to legislate around them.

It’s a losing battle.

Because neither guns, nor pornography, are the problem. No, the problem is the needy beast of a thing which beats within our chests. The brokenness which compels us to shoot, the desires which bid us look.

Porn doesn’t make us look, nor do guns make us shoot.

Beyond that, what rights do we, the bond slaves of Christ, truly have? We are free in him, of a surety, but freedom apart from responsibility is mere liberality, and is a license for all manner of justifications. (I speak here from experience). 

We each of us need to look to our own hearts, and stop blaming the man, the system, the government… All are broken because we are broken. And as long as we live in this world–in Act III of history–freedoms will be abused, evils will be done. That is what free will means: we have the freedom to choose the right, or the wrong.

And the consequences of these choices unfortunately affect more than just us. Some drop like a pebble in a pond–causing ripples–and others crash like an avalanche of destruction.

Yet without this very freedom, we would not know love. Without evil, we would not know good. Without the choice betwixt the two, we are mere automatons.

Choose love today. Choose, even if hurts you–even if it takes from you something you want.

And pray with me, Maranatha! Even so, please, Lord, come.




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  • “Porn doesn’t make us look, nor do guns make us shoot.” Yes. Exactly. Thank you.

  • Love how you attacked not one but TWO taboo topics head on. Rock it Chad! This shows serious maturity IMO!!!!!

    • Thanks, man! But just you wait, Jim Woods! More to come!

      And the thing about maturity is that it only seems to come from cold, hard experience.

      • That is so true isn’t it. Learning the hard way is often the only way to learn……. excited to read more Chad!

        • Oh, Jim! I’ve a lifetime of learning the hard way. The worst of it is the price it exacts on the ones we love.

  • brilliant, chad! i’m a firm believer in the idea that the only person who makes us do anything is ourselves. the only thing we can control is ourselves. love this!

    • Thanks, Tim!

      I’m 43, and still learning this lesson.

      • oh, well, i didn’t come by this lesson easily. and even though i know it as truth it certainly isn’t always easy to live by. it’s just so easy to point the finger at others. it takes a lot of guts, courage, and strength to live engaged and take personal responsibility, you know?

        • I don’t think anyone does, Tim. 🙂

      • Guest
  • Michelle Woodman

    I do agree the only person we can control is our own self, that we are broken because we are broken. At the same time, however, I do think something needs to be done about the gun laws, for I do not understand why anyone outside of the military or police force needs to own a semi-automatic or automatic rifle.

    But I’m a Canadian, so what do I know, eh?

    Seriously — I’m not trying to be oblivious or contrary. But while the individual plays a large part in things, there are still laws in place to protect people not only in terms of, for example, the display (or lack of display) of pornographic materials, but also in regards to keeping people safe from a myriad of other potential dangers and menaces. Tightening up gun laws won’t obliterate the problem, no, but if it helps protect innocent people in the long run, then why not make the changes?

    • Michelle, I don’t disagree. Things can be done, laws enacted, etc. But none of it gets to the root issue: the heart.

      The real issue is why people want porn, why folks want assault type weapons. And no law will stop folks from going outside the system. Yes, such laws may save lives, but they don’t change hearts. (As a parent, I know all too well how I can enforce conformity with touching my children’s hearts).

      And trust me: I know my own heart well enough, have lived long enough, to have gone beyond personal boundaries in search of why I thought I deserved. The world, the flesh, the devil, and the self are masters of all kinds of justification of the worst sort.

  • Amen, Chad!!! I like guns, but my depraved heart is more dangerous. Praise the Lord dor the work of Christ.

    • amen, larry! praise the lord, indeed!

    • Amen, Larry! Praise Him indeed!