Tombstones of Grace

randomlychad  —  October 12, 2012 — 10 Comments

'* Tombstone *' photo (c) 2006, Parée - license: of grace? What does that mean? Aren’t tombstones more
readily associated with graves–rather than grace?

Yes, that’s true. But there are tombstones of grace, too.

If we look back over our lives, we each can usually more clearly see
where God moved. As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20.”

Looking back, we see what He did, where He moved, how He touched us.

But we can’t go back–we can’t live in those places. To do so is like
living in a graveyard: because that’s where God was–not where He is

Yet there is strength in looking back, because in seeing where He
moved before we are encouraged for the now, and for the road ahead.
That He moved before gives us faith that He will do so again.

For me, this means that I can look back over the five hundred-plus
posts on my blog, and see the grace with which He met me on every one,
and derive strength for the road ahead as I work offline on a longer
form project.

He met me–and will do so again.

He will do the same for you.

So I encourage you to look back at your own “tombstones” of grace, and
draw strength, faith, and courage for the road ahead.

What are some of your “tombstones?” What are you working on now?




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  • Two years ago, my family was going through a pretty tough time. It’s interesting to go back over the blog posts from September through November to see where my mind and heart were while the seas were rough. God is so good!

    • Yes, He is, Jon--so very good!

  • Great post bro -- sharing it on Twitter….

    • Thanks, Tor! Thanks for being a beta reader the other day.

  • Another good post, and I appreciate your words. I can definitely see where God has made magnificent and also subtle moves in my life. But I have a hard time defining grace. I’ve never gotten a good handle on what “grace” means. (I sometimes feel hard of learning and need definitions -- unfortunately for me, so much of our relationship with God is hard to define.)

    • Thanks very much!

      I try make it as simple as I can, and when I think of grace, I think of it like this:

      If mercy is a punishment withheld (not getting what I deserve), grace is getting blessed instead (getting what I don’t deserve).

      • Yes, thank you -- that makes sense to me. So exhibiting grace ourselves would be offering that to others? Being kind and giving, whether it’s “deserved” or not. Or perhaps regardless of being deserved -- not even making that judgment?

        Also I kept the diamond in my head. I wanted to be stinky coal girl at least once, but I tried to shine instead.

        • CS Lewis once said that loving one’s neighbors as oneself meant being just as forgiving of their sins as one is of one’s own.

          I would say that, yes, what you describe is the kind of love given us by God: gift love.

          That’s awesome!

          Was kind of a rough one for me.

          Chad Jones
          [email protected]

          @randomlychad on Twitter

          • That’s wonderful -- Gift Love! I can hold on to that. You’ve given me good things today, Chad! Diamonds and Gift Love.

            I’m sorry your day was rough. I saw your tweet and lifted it up to God as best I could. We can only do our best and rely on his grace for the rest, huh? (Thanks to you, I feel comfortable using grace in an actual sentence.) God bless, Chad.

          • You, too--and thank-you!

            Chad Jones
            [email protected]
            @randomlychad on Twitter